How is SketchUp Pro different from SketchUp Free?

There were several types of software on the market. to make the design or vision come to life. This program aids with creating a platform for your theoretical ideas. The incredible program comes in two versions: SketchUp and SketchUp Pro.

The explanations provided by SketchUp and SketchUp Pro differ. The amateur version is called SketchUp, while the professional version is called SketchUp Pro. When compared to SketchUp Pro, SketchUp does not feature CAD capability.

The portrait tone is lower in SketchUp than it is in SketchUp Pro, because SketchUp lacks thought tools, and SketchUp Pro has numerous illusion tools.

The price of SketchUp Pro is much higher than SketchUp, making it cost-prohibitive for many users. SketchUp Pro also has more features and capabilities than SketchUp, making it the better choice for professional users.

About SketchUp

Google owns the 3D modeling and design tool SketchUp, which is available for free download. A home user who needs the packet for personal employment is the product's primary target market. The novice newcomer may get started with this application with ease.

Due to the removal of any potential barriers, such as technological design languages, SketchUp is a fantastic application for designers. The numerous cues and stimuli that are provided to guarantee the completion of the starting design also help with the layout.

Difference between the SketchUp free version and the SketchUp Pro version

SketchUp Free Version

A nice method to begin modeling and testing out SketchUp to see if you like it is using SketchUp Free. This edition is a totally free web-based program, thus you must have an internet connection to access and use it, as stated in the relevant suggestions.

Though the free version is limited to basic functionality and is a good way to determine if SketchUp is right for you. The web-based program also has access to a library of 3D models. Once you feel comfortable with the program, you can upgrade to more powerful options.

Those who are undertaking basic modeling for straightforward home improvement projects or who just want to fiddle about with the software a little to see "what it's like" should use the free edition of the application. Also, it is fantastic since you can access it from any location with an internet connection.

The features of the free version of SketchUp are as follows:-

1. With this free version, you can download a limited number of 3D warehouses.
2. Android and iOS devices use the standard model.
3. The free version can only support import files of SKP and STL types and export files of STL and PNG types.
4. Through Trimble Connect, you can access 10GB of cloud storage.

Benefits of SketchUp free version

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software used in various industries such as architecture, engineering, and construction. The free version of SketchUp, also known as SketchUp Free, offers several benefits, including:-

1. The user-friendly interface of SketchUp Free makes it simple to understand and operate. Those who wish to learn 3D modeling without spending a lot of money on pricey software will benefit greatly from this program.
2. Via a web browser, you may access SketchUp's free edition online. Models may be created and saved by users on the cloud, which facilitates collaboration and quick project sharing.
3. A variety of fundamental 3D modeling capabilities, including sketching, extruding, and navigating, are included in SketchUp's free edition. Simple models may be made by users, who can then texture them and export them in several file types.
4. Many add-ons, such as extensions and plugins, are compatible with SketchUp Free and can improve its capabilities. By utilizing these add-ons, users may personalize their workflow and enhance their modeling talents.

There are a few drawbacks to this free version of SketchUp and those are as follows:-

1. You can only save up to 10MB of files with the free edition of SketchUp, which can be a significant restriction for bigger projects.
2. The watermark on any photos or designs you produce with the SketchUp free edition may prevent you from using them for presentations or for commercial usage.
3. Restricted customer service: Although the SketchUp Help Center is accessible to all users, even those using the free edition, it could take more time to get help from the SketchUp team if you run into any problems.

SketchUp Pro Version

One of SketchUp's paid creations is called SketchUp Pro, and experts frequently suggest using this version. If the budget permits it, this version of the software—which is suitable for both personal and business use—would be my top recommendation.

The great thing about SketchUp is that it is not just far less expensive than competing products like AutoCAD or Revit, but it also has a significantly smaller learning curve.

The features of the paid version of SketchUp are as follows:-

1. The paid version offers unlimited Cloud Storage through Trimble connect,
2. The paid version also comes with customer support through any means of communication.
3. Standard model with unlimited unblocked features.
4. Extensions for 3D warehouses are unlimited.


1. Even novice users will find SketchUp Pro to be simple to understand and use thanks to its user-friendly interface.
2. There are several uses for SketchUp Pro, including the design of products, buildings, interiors, and more.
3. With the help of the many 3D modeling tools provided by SketchUp Pro, users can easily design intricate forms and geometries.
4. Users of SketchUp Pro may import and export a wide range of file types, which makes it simple to work with other programs and cooperate with other experts.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SketchUp School


The learning curve for SketchUp Pro is particularly challenging for new users who are unfamiliar with 3D modeling software. Understanding the interface, tools, and functionalities might take some time.

Although SketchUp Pro has a large number of functions, some users might feel that it lacks more sophisticated functionality seen in other 3D modeling programs. It lacks several advanced rendering features, for instance, compared to some other programs.

For simple to moderately complicated designs, SketchUp Pro is ideal. While it might become sluggish and laborious when handling a lot of items, it might not be the greatest option for big and intricate tasks.

How is SketchUp Pro different from SketchUp Free?