Top 7 SketchUp Plugin for Text & Labeling

1. Dimension Tools

There is a set of 11 Dimension tools available that allow you to easily insert & modify dime.

New Rotation: The dimension is created by rotating the start and end points around any point, on any plane.

Face: This tool creates dimensions for all contours and inner loops of a selected face based on the face plane or its normal.

Bounds: Measures all edges of the selection's bounding box. In the case of a two-dimensional selection, the bounding box will be created with four dimensions, and in the case of a three-dimensional selection, there will be 12 dimensions.

Chained: A description of the AutoCAD command 'dim-continue', which aligns or collinear dimensions with a chosen reference dimension.

Base: Similar to AutoCAD's dim-baseline command, this performs the same work.

Angle: Generates an angular dimension, mimicking the Layout angle dimension command.

Automatic dimensions: Dimensions are created perpendicularly between 2 picked points, intersections are detected.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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2. 3D Text Editor

Geometry can be created and modified using this plug-in, an editor which allows you to modify the 3D text at any time.

OSX Issues: There are some problems with this plugin when running on OSX.

Menus & Toolbars

? You can draw 3D text and edit it.
? Edit text from the context menu.


? TT_Lib2 2.11.0.
? Internet Explorer 9 or a newer version of Windows.

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3. ShadowInfo Note

The Shadow-Info Note plug-in creates a dynamically updated screen text that displays your shadow settings. A note is continuously updated when you change the settings for the shadows or when switching between scenes.

Bugs fixed

? Scripts were not able to start if Shadow-Info notes were not found in the model.
? There was a problem with the inactivated button.

No more outputs in the console

? Three decimal places have now been added to several floats.
? There is now a button to format a note via different fonts, sizes, and colors.
? A button adds to close the dialog instead of clicking on the red cross).
? The help file has an update.

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4. WordCAKE

A 3D tool is used to model word frequency over sequenced text.

Version 1.0.9

? SketchUp 2017 is now supported.
? The CSV loading bug was fixed.

Version 1.0.8

? SketchUp 2016 is now supported.

Version 1.0.7

? A bug involving the alphabetical placement of words in the circles was fixed.
? On Windows, a bug with loading and converting PDF files has been corrected.

You can benefit from distilling correspondence, research publications, literary works, scripts, copies, and other groupings of texts to their key concepts and vocabulary. A text can also be analyzed in many ways to pinpoint the most important themes or ideas. Through data clouds, weighted word clouds, or tag clouds, it has become popular to evaluate word frequency. Although such representations provide only relative comparisons, based on word size, and offer only comparisons of words within a text, they do not provide specific word counts or information covering multiple texts.

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5. CLF Arc Centerpoint Finder

Using inference to find the center of a circle or arc is no longer possible after a circle or arc has exploded in SketchUp. A tool to find the center point of exploded arcs and circles is an Arc Center-point Finder. You'll need to select two edges that were once part of an arc or circle to run this script. There will be a construction point located at the center of their center point.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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6. CreateScale

The Create-Scale extension is part of the Tools collection, which automates the creating scales task with measurements labeled in 3D Text. The scale can be customized based on the choice of metric or imperial units. This extension can be found in the extensions menu. You click the Create Scale button. The extension has been tested on several systems.

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7. Numbering Text

Numerical Text is a plug-in that helps you create texts and labels with configurable content, such as prefixes, number or string increments, and suffixes. You can enter two-dimensional texts with or without leaders, as well as three-dimensional texts.

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Top 7 SketchUp Plugin for Text & Labeling