Build a Strong Foundation in SketchUp 2021

People force to stay at home as a global pandemic spread across the globe. The holiday season provided a great opportunity for many of the people around the world to complete long overdue tasks. A complicated project taught us the value of laying the right foundations. Having a new perspective and the chance to improve SketchUp in 2021 has allowed you to help you start projects on solid ground.

Additionally, you took the time to consider each of your decisions and the reasons why you made them. Keeping you updated on the effects of your decisions today is vital to us. In addition to built-in robustness, SketchUp also encourages everyone to celebrate all the great work employees do, from design projects to community-building activities.

Starting SketchUp with Pre-Design

Architects, engineers, and construction professionals strive to create environments that work in harmony with the surrounding environment. It is imperative to grasp the context of a site before planning can begin to accomplish this. Pre-Design creates because of this. This new tool from Autodesk helps you research local climatic conditions before diving into 3D design.


In addition to drawing on weather data specific to the site, Pre-Design suggests appropriate architectural responses based on climate conditions.

The latest version of SketchUp shows you the portions of your site you should shield from the sun's excessive heat through convenient sun path diagrams. This software doesn't just identify problems; it suggests glazing strategies, shading, and top-lighting for each facade. This SketchUp update leverages new tools from the get-go.

The Pre-Design tool, part of SketchUp's update, is meant to inspire and enhance your design narrative with climate observations while easing the heavy lifting of your workflow so that each project brings to life in the right manner. You won't waste valuable design time or resources if you start right at the beginning.

Improve Your Tag Management in SketchUp

Like labeling your spice jars is essential before stocking your spice rack, a clear and organized model structure is essential for getting started with your design. Using SketchUp's tags in this way has never been easier.


You probably know how difficult it can be to manage lists and scenes, particularly when you're setting up complex models for 2D documentation in Lay-Out. SketchUp's latest version offers Tag Folders to help you organize your tags faster and make it easier to control their visibility in Lay-Out and SketchUp 2021.

Tag uses for a variety of purposes such as including modeling scenarios, documenting, reporting, or visualizing data. We think it will be easier to find and use tags if you group them in folders. You can also choose to view or hide multiple tags or folders at once, so you can turn on and off vast portions of your model at once.

SketchUp Live Components

These objects are configurable and redraw themselves in real-time by using modeling logic to control their geometry. SketchUp Live Components in the 2021 SketchUp update facilitate rapid iteration of concepts or aesthetic ideas and improve project scalability.


Using the latest version of SketchUp, you can now download and configure Live Components in 3D Warehouse right from within SketchUp. The 'Configure Live Component' dialog lets you adjust the components parameters once you've selected a Live Component. The Live Component will comply with your changes as you adjust its parameters.

Wrapping it Up

The impact of 2020 on the world and your life has no doubt been profound and will continue to do so. Your goal is to build a strong foundation by learning from these experiences.

As a community, you want to feel committed, and you want to value your contributions.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Konia Software

The SketchUp 2021 updates and releases show as much of your past as it does of your future. Features that compliment your work and make work more enjoyable are always welcome.

Build a Strong Foundation in SketchUp 2021