First SketchUp Basecamp in Australia

Trimble had arranged the SketchUp 3D basecamp in Australia, a first for the continent. It was attended by a vast crown of designers, architects, artists and enthusiasts. Today, let us see what happened at the first-ever SketchUp 3D Basecamp in Australia.

The first thing to notice was that the 3D Basecamp of 2019 was held side-by-side with Trimble Transform 2019, which is a convention between Trimble group of companies (BuildingPoint, UPG & SITECH) they hold at two year intervals. This was especially great for the Basecamp; the tons of positive reviews firmly cement the possibility of this conjunction of spheres coming again in 2021.

The event was aimed at people from all over the world who work or play with SketchUp in one way or other: designer, modeler, planner, builder, architect, coordinator, innovator, and enthusiasts. The event was made to shine bright by the world-class presenters talking about many wonderful and nice things in SketchUp. The BuildingPoint team added up the dazzle by providing tips and tricks from their experts and bringing together the local community.

The day of the SketchUp Basecamp 2019 in Australia was divided into two parts. The first part was reserved for 3D Basecamp presentations, and the later part was booked for 3D Bootcamp training sessions for small groups.

The very first presentation of the day was from Nick Sonder, a respected name in the American SketchUp society, about ?Details Done Right?. It was a big feather in the cap of this Basecamp to host him.

Next came the case study of the Birtinya Shopping Centre project on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Arthur Ma?alac and Carla Montgomery from Stockland gave the presentation, describing how the entire project was done using SketchUp, and used other Trimble products to collaborate with the various stakeholders and interested parties in the project.

A bootcamp training session came next, the very first of the day. It was about ?SketchUp 201: Revisiting SketchUp Fundamentals? and the training session was taken by Josh Reilly.

It was lunchtime by the time the bootcamp finished, and everyone was off to collaborate and network with new and known fellow SketchUp gurus and enthusiasts alike, over delicious dishes.

Josh Reily returned later with a presentation this time, about some quick and simple tricks you can do with SketchUp that most people don?t know about. RubySketch?s Andrew Dwight presented on ?How to Use SketchUp as a Sales Tool?, lending useful advice on maximizing SketchUp for better results in your design business.

Moving on, Justin Liang & Eric Fear of Inspace XR made a lot of people drool over their presentation about Augmented and Virtual Reality for design and SketchUp, and the positively uplifting trends in that sector.

A 3D bootcamp on ?Create Amazing Details in SketchUp? heralded the end of the day, taken by Nick Sonder again, on how to embed your 3D models with helpful data to improve efficiency.

Attendees of the SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2019 in Australia came from a diverse range of industries including architecture, interior design, construction, engineering, landscape architecture, residential design and construction, and education. Most of those people identified themselves as intermediate to advanced users of SketchUp and its extensions.

First SketchUp Basecamp in Australia