The Top 30 Architecture Plugins from SketchUp

In addition to being used in architecture, SketchUp is widely used for the reason of its simplicity. Architectural design can also be limited by its simplicity.

1. V-Ray

It enhances SketchUp's rendering tools and provides better lighting tools, allowing complex scenes to be created and visualized more easily.

2. SketchUp BIM

With SketchUp BIM, you can make building models faster by converting SketchUp into BIM software.


It helps you to test different urban design options and create and create parametric cities within SketchUp using a parametric Urban Design tool.

4. Lumen-RT

Real-time 3D architectural projects with photorealistic lighting can be created using this software plugin.

5. Indigo Renderer

In architectural visualization and product visualization, photorealistic renderers simulate light to produce realistic images.

6. Maxwell

A self-contained and easy-to-use package that offers advanced Maxwell Render technology.

7. Round-Corner

Creates rounded corners and edges on 3D shapes and profiles them in 2D.

8. IRendernXT

It allows you to create presentation-quality images from your SketchUp designs using IRendernXT.

9. Artisan

Artisan is a plug-in for designing organic shapes and amorphous shapes.

10. Tensile Structures

Build a flexible form and tensile structures with Soap Skin & Bubble.

11. Dibac

With Dibac, you can use 2D tools to create architectural plans and then get the 3D automatically.

12. Build-Edge PLAN

Model buildings are parametrically with Build-Edge PLAN.

13. 1001bit Tools

There are a number of tools in the 1001bit Tools collection that can be used for fast assembly of architectural elements.

14. Toolbox for architects

Selection of tools to help build and create stepped terrains.

15. Photo-Sketch

Using Photo-Sketch you can identify existing urban structures and build 3D models of them.

16. SketchUp Key-frame Animation

SketchUp's key-frame animation lets you animate objects by adding movement.

17. Podium Walker

It is walkthrough plug-in for Photorealism and Real-Time with Podium Walker.

18. BIM object SketchUp

SketchUp objects from manufacturers can be found in BIM object SketchUp.

19. Project-Sketch

Commercial Office Furniture can be selected and placed in SketchUp drawings with this plugin.

20. Artlantis 4

An Artlantis 4 export plug-in for SketchUp enables you to export data from SketchUp to Artlantis 4.

21. Viso3D

On an I-Pad or I-Phone, you can view and navigate SketchUp models in 3D using Viso3D.


This plug-in establish an affinity between the model, the spreadsheet, and the underlying data about the building requirements.

23. IESVE for Architects

This plug-in is guided approach to architectural analysis.

24. BIM up 5D

Create as many bespoke reports as you wish using the BIM up 5D formulas.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SketchUp School

25. Product Connect

The Product Connect software helps you to answer the question with its flexible takeoff and reporting options.

26. Timber Frame Rubies

Modeling timber frame designs in 3D is simplified with Timber Frame Rubies. Automation of mortise and joints, generation of material lists, etc.

27. Instant Wall & Roof & Road

You just have to select faces and edges to create instant, complex roofs.

The Instant Fence & Railing tool makes it easy to construct fences, handrails, and balusters. Instant walls, pilasters, and curbs are all possible using Instant Wall.

Terrains are created instantly from simplified terrain meshes over complex terrains.

Using an outline or a centerline, Instant Road automates roads on a terrain.

This tool combines terrain around a boundary, much like the Stamp tool in SketchUp. It is not necessary for boundary edges to be planar.

28. Joint Push Pull

This plug-in is an operation which simultaneously pushes and pulls multiple faces.

29. Surface Operations

Draws lines, shapes, and offsets on curved surfaces, including Freehand and Poly line.

30. Free Scale

Orient the selection boxes around an object set and apply various geometric transformations interactively.

The Top 30 Architecture Plugins from SketchUp