Interior Designing Course Using SketchUp & V-Ray

This course will introduce you to SketchUp, V-ray, and Interior Design, while taking you through a Real-Life Apartment Design and getting you up & running to design your favorite interior space efficiently, quickly, and correctly. You can improve your modeling skills and learn how to use certain SketchUp plug-ins.

You can create amazing photorealistic renderings with V-ray's lighting, materials, settings, and rendering elements. You will model & render a Modern Bedroom, Modern Furniture, Modular Kitchen & more as part of a Real-Life Apartment Project. As you will as learning Interior Design standards and styles, you will encounter many examples of designing spaces efficiently and effectively. Various accessories can be created with the help of SketchUp plug-ins. You will learn the essential SketchUp skills needed to model efficiently and quickly in this tutorial course.

Key Topics in this Course

SketchUp - Introduction

The first section of this lesson will introduce the fundamentals:

1. SketchUp Interface Introduction.
2. A brief overview of SketchUp's tools.
3. A brief introduction to the SketchUp Default Tray.

SketchUp modeling for a contemporary bedroom

This section introduces the basics:

1. This lesson will teach you how to import images and CAD data into Sketchup.
2. The steps to model your walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors.
3. You will model our bedroom placeholders in the following manner.
4. This is how you model our wardrobes, study tables, and TV units.

Advanced SketchUp modeling techniques

1. Use Artisan Tools to model beds.
2. Get started modeling curtains with Cloth works.
3. Using Cloth works, you will learn how to model Blankets & Pillows.
4. Set up your Studio the Right Way and import 3D Warehouse data!
5. Beanbags in the Studio.

V-ray for SketchUp

This section introduces us to V-ray for SketchUp and its ability to render photorealistic images.

1. You will be introduced to the V-ray Asset Editor and the V-ray Interface.
2. The lighting system you will use in our bedroom will be set up with V-ray lights. A Photographic Approach of Archgyan Lighting System.
3. This course covers the creation of V-ray materials such as metals, cloth, wood, glass, and glossy and matte laminate sheets.
4. Besides learning how to create carpets & rugs with V-ray-fur, you will also learn to render elements, V-ray-Infinite plane, and so much more.
5. The course ends with the use of V-ray settings to render our final image, as you will as Photoshop techniques to apply afterward.

Model and Render a closet using SketchUp and V-ray

As a bonus, you'll learn how to create a Swing Wardrobe from scratch in SketchUp using interior design standards. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach the importance of composition and how to render a swing wardrobe in a Studio setting using V-ray.

The Design and Rendering of a Modular Kitchen with SketchUp and V-ray

Modeling and rendering a modular kitchen will be the focus of this section. You will learn about the various standards, V-ray materials, lighting, and more in order to create an amazing looking Night Render of your Kitchen. Rather than rendering the material colors again in SketchUp, you'll change their color in Photoshop.

Create a contemporary bathroom by designing and rendering it

This section will teach you the following:

1. The V-ray Asset Editor will allow you to create a Vray Library that can be reused for all future modeling, rendering, and work. The Exclusive Archgyan V-ray Library will also be made available to you.
2. The following method of leveraging Tags (Layers) & Scenes will allow you to create multiple options in the same views. There's no doubt that all Interior Designers will find this very helpful.
3. Develop new materials you will learn about different maps, such as falloff maps, edge maps, etc. V-ray Maps will be used to create bathroom wall tiles, among other things.
4. The New V-ray Light Method You will learn how to add lights with a new method that lets you adjust the cone angle and penumbra angle of spotlights easily.
5. The VFB History feature allows us to check out before & after images of renderings before and after rendering a photorealistic bathroom.

Modeling in SketchUp: Advanced

You will learn how to create beanbags, tufted headboards, parametric shapes, The Photorealistic Chic Bedroom, and much more in this section.

Video Discussion with Students

Your renders are enhanced and areas of improvement are pointed out, thereby benefiting other students.

Student End Requirements

1. If you prefer Windows or Mac, you will require a computer to install all the software and SketchUp plug-ins needed to model and render your favorite interior design spaces.
2. It will be an honor to teach you the ayousome SketchUp modeling & V-ray rendering techniques you will learn in this Interior Design course.
3. The only thing left is you, your computer, and your desire to begin right now.

Key Benefits

1. There are 11 hours of on-demand video available.
2. There are two articles.
3. Here are 24 resources you can download.
4. You will have access to the full catalog for life.
5. The ability to access content on mobile devices and TV.
6. Tasks.
7. Completion certificate.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Sketchup Guru

Interior Designing Course Using SketchUp & V-Ray