Sketchup and AutoCAD: Which one is the best?

The current time is a great time to be into 3D printing as firstly printers are getting more powerful and capable and also getting more budget-friendly with time. There is a lot of 3D software for rendering and modelling in the market. Out of the bunch, two of the software programs are AutoCAD and Sketchup.


Autodesk AutoCAD is one of the best-known programs for its design software. Their software has been used by the world's biggest companies. AutoCAD has been a staple in the industry for many years, they are one of the pioneers in this field and they are known for producing the highest quality technical drawings that meet professional standards.

AutoCAD is used by Architects, interior designers, graphic designers, cartographers and other people in the industry. Their program has been furnished throughout the time as the software has been around since 1980 and now it also has its mobile app and cloud service.


SketchUp was created by Last Software in 2000 and was later acquired by Google and later by Trimble Inc their main usability comes from its easy to learn and user-friendly interface.

They have revolutionalized in 2D and 3D model creating across the industry. The clean UI of the program has bought in new people to learn the art of 2D and 3D modelling and has become popular in recent years.

Differences between AutoCAD vs SketchUp

While their functions and utilization of the products are somewhat the same, the key differences are to be known so that people can choose the right program according to their needs.

1. AutoCAD is a software for designing that is computer-aided. On the other hand, Sketchup is a 3D modelling program.
2. AutoCAD program is targeted towards professional users, whereas Sketchup is used by anyone using the program mainly to pursue it for their hobby.

3. AutoCAD is a costlier program subscription than Sketchup, whereas Sketchup provides its standard version for free and its subscription is also cheaper if compared to that of AutoCAD.
4. AutoCAD has a bit complicated user interface, whereas Sketchup has a cleaner interface and is easier to learn.
5. AutoCAD provides users with more supported file formats, while on the contrary Sketchup is simple to use and master.

Which is the better software?

Both AutoCAD and Sketchup are industry-leading products. Sketchup has brought up a revolution in 2D and 3D model creation across the industry. The program’s clean user interface, its standard free software and ease of use have all been a reason for its strength. Sketchup allows even basic users to use the tools at their own skill level.

AutoCAD has always been the market leader for many years and they produce the highest quality of technical drawings that meet the professional standards of the industry. In direct comparison, Sketchup is inferior in many ways as they are unable to match the level of details, adaptability and accuracy of AutoCAD.

Due to the popularity of Sketchup, many people come to think of it as a competitor to AutoCAD. Though Sketchup has its own advantages and is used by many people for their work, as of the current date Sketchup has to still go a long way to overtake AutoCAD.

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Sketchup and AutoCAD: Which one is the best?