Here are the best websites where you can get SketchUp 3D models for free in 2023

What do you mean by 3D modelling?

A 3D model is a representation of an object in three dimensions and the process of making a 3D model is called 3D Modelling. The creation of 3D models is done using computer-based 3D modelling software. An object's size, shape, and texture can be determined by 3modelling.

Why do you need readymade 3D Models?

A large-scale 3D modelling project can require a lot of time and effort to build models from scratch. When creating project models in such circumstances, ready-to-use models and their samples will make the process of creating smooth, speedy, and efficient. Free Sketchup 3D models are available on many websites online.

Websites where you can find free SketchUp 3D models


With its visually appealing homepage, this website attracts a larger audience. When you visit Turbo Squid's website, you will find it easy to navigate. Scroll down the list of free SketchUp models to see all the categories and subcategories.

You must first sign up for a TurboSquid account if you don't already have one in order to download it. All models that you have downloaded will be credited to your TurboSquid account, which you can access through your account. TurboSquid offers free models as well as paid premium models, so if you do not see what you are looking for in the free section, you might want to consider its paid premium offerings.


The Open3DModel website is a free open-source site that anyone can access and use without charge. Downloading the file without registering on this website is possible if you don't wish to create an account. A total of 73845 free models are available for you to choose from, which means that you have an enormous number of options to choose from.

It is very easy to use the site because of its simple interface. It is possible to browse through the different categories on the homepage either by searching, clicking on the file type you desire, or clicking on any category that interests you. The download links on this site allow you to download the model of your choice without having to sign in as other sites require you to do.

3D Warehouse

As well as being an extension of Sketchup and directly linked to it, 3D Warehouse is one of the most popular websites for free 3D models worldwide.

To download it, you must sign in, but the interface is quite straightforward and simple. This website offers a search bar on the homepage to make things easier for you. The search bar has a category tab on the left; here you can choose the category that interests you.

Free 3D

On this website, you will not only be able to download free downloads, but you will also be able to showcase your work and find employment as freelance designers can utilize this site to showcase their work. It can be downloaded for free from the official Free 3D website, and it comes with a very nice and easy-to-use user interface, as well as well-organized categories and search options to make it even easier to use.

If you would like to use the services and features offered by this particular website, you do not need to sign in in order to do so. In order to be able to access free models, you can either use the search bar on this website or you can click on the category of your choice if you have any particular interests. There is also a premium model offered by the company that you can access if you pay for the service and sign up for it.

CAD Details

CAD Details' site has a straightforward and easy layout and is easy to navigate. CAD Details provide architects and designers with 3D models of specific products, enabling them to visualize these products in a 3D environment, thereby enhancing the design process.

A new account must be created and logged in in order to download CAD Details. There are five tabs on the homepage of the website, including one for BIM models. The page has five tabs in total.

Instructables: Besides offering free 3D models, Instructables is an excellent community site where users can share their DIY projects. Electronics and programming are often involved in this community's larger projects.

With so many projects here, you're sure to find something fun and interesting no matter your skill level in these complementary areas.

Each project page features tutorials and instructions explaining how to build it. In addition, many designers are happy to answer public questions.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Architecture Inspirations


Geometrically related 3D models can be found using a sophisticated search engine on this website. Besides hosting private files for remote collaboration, it also serves as a workspace for collaborative projects. A to-do task list and version history is displayed beneath an interactive 3D viewer for models you're working on.

Although Thangs serves as a repository and hosts files, it is also a search engine for 3D models. When a term is entered into its search bar, Thang's databases as well as that of Thingiverse and other popular repositories are searched giving it access to a vast catalogue. You can find ready-made 3D models very easily using the search engine that is provides.

Here are the best websites where you can get SketchUp 3D models for free in 2023