SketchUp 2021 Update - What?s New?

The SketchUp 2021 update is all about building a strong foundation especially keeping in mind complicated projects. SketchUp not only made changes on the axis with update but as also designed a new logo for the new version of SketchUp. The new logo is made using the SketchUp program.

With the new update SketchUp intends to deliver high-quality, robust, yet affordable 3D tools needed to innovate. It mentions that the 2021 update comes with better model organization, smart and configurable objects for agile modeling.


The PreDesign feature of SketchUp is a new addition. The idea behind it is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the site?s context before even the plans are drawn. This new climate research tool helps in understanding the surrounding environment where the project might take place.

PreDesign helps in connecting the climate and building type. It even suggests appropriate architectural responses. This tool will also help you to understand and provide shielding to portions of the structure might receive excessive sunlight resulting in overheating. This tool therefore will help you to start planning your project better by helping you design according to the climate.

Therefore, the idea of providing better foundation by SketchUp is uplifted by this tool. After designing an accurate architectural model, the next step would be to add real-world data into the model with Add location.

This will bring top quality, hi-res aerial imagery for proper site placement. You can therefore provide contextual site data taking you final product to the next level. Add location, thus, provides you with the most accurate information possible.


SketchUp in its latest version has come up with a better way to mange tags and scenes which can often be too difficult to handle. Tag folders (in SketchUp and LayOut) will allow you to organize your tags more efficiently with quicker access amd bulk visibility control. This will make locating your work a lot more easily and you can later group them in a folder. The visibility of all tags can be controlled; selection of multiple tags or folders at once to turn on or off a greater portion of your model is now possible.

The scene panel gives you the ability to select and save hidden objects on a scene-by-scene basis. With this update you can now save the (in) visibility state of hidden objects and section planes, therefore, giving you a better control over your model. The hidden objects are now editable with the new update by which you can make precise edits easily.

The new update also provides you the ability to toggle linear inference on and off which leads to better control over the line drawing and helps you draw edges without being snapped to an inference. The ?Weld Edges? command introduced in this update helps you to join edges and arcs into a single polyline with the need for added extension.


The Live Components introduced by SketchUp 2021 allows easy accommodation of iterations and agile change. These are configurable objects that can re-draw themselves in real time are programmed with modeling logic that can control geometry. This feature will allow you to scale your project better and will benefit you with a wide range of use cases which includes architectural configuration, interior design, as-built modeling, space planning, and rapid iterations of concepts and aesthetics.

After selection of a Live Component you can insert it into your model directly, you can also control the component?s parameters in the ?Configure Live Component? dialog. With every adjustment of parameter you make the Live Component will redraw itself to fit your needs.

The Live Component is an early launch of feature from their new program SketchUp Labs. They reason for the early launch is to gain feedback for the same and incorporate required changes while still in the development process.

SketchUp 2021 Update - What?s New?