Best apps to use for Sketching and Digital Drawing in 2022

Several architecture apps are now available on smartphones, and the best of them are completely changing the way architects work in their studios and working on construction sites in terms of how they use them in the studios.

In this article, we will introduce some of the stellar apps that can make you sketch instantly by simply swiping your finger across the screen. They are not just great for increasing efficiency or sparking creativity, but they are also a lot of fun to use.

The best apps for SketchUp and Digital Drawing

Abode Illustrator Draw

There is an application called Adobe Illustrator Draw that allows you to do it on your iPad. This app is beautifully laid out with a modest approach to Photoshop sketch, which makes it easy for users to mix photos with layers of drawings in just a matter of seconds.

The great thing about Sketch is that as you sketch a vector graphic of a site or a concept, you can easily customise your brushes and scribble anything and everything that you want.


Architects and designers who are aesthetically inclined and who want to be able to design more freely can use Isometric, which is a good option for them. It is designed for aesthetically inclined architects and designers who might want to be less technical at times.

Designers can create beautiful designs by simply snapping rhombuses on an isometric grid with a few taps and touches of a finger. This app is comfortable for architects to create concept sketches, schematic models, and drawings that diverge from the traditional look of Autocad, Sketchup or Rhino.

Magic Plan

There is a magic plan that provides you with a plan of the house. In order to use the device, you only have to stand in the middle of the room and let the device detect every corner, every door, and every window, resulting in an almost accurate drawing of the space.

A laser measuring device can be synchronized with the application in order to increase the accuracy of the measurement.


Designed for the super-artistic designers and architects out there, Procreate is the perfect app for them. In spite of the fact that it was not designed for architects, it has become one of the best digital drawing and sketching tools for architects.

Through the use of 150+ unique brushes and pencils, users can get an actual sense of what it is like to use materials and textures in real time. Using Procreate on your iPad, you will be able to sketch and produce ideas in front of clients and stakeholders in real time.

Room Scan Pro

The Room Scanning Pro application is a great alternative to the Magic Plan. In what it does, it does the same thing as Magic Plan, it scans the room and then creates a floor plan drawing for you.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Aaron Rutten

You just need to tap your phone on each adjacent wall and, as soon as you've made your way around the room, the app will automatically generate a floor plan and display it in the app.

Best apps to use for Sketching and Digital Drawing in 2022