Skatter 2 Extension for SketchUp and its Features

I always used to wonder how graphic designers and 3D Artists create such ultra-realistic landscape architecture and valleys? Well, Skatter 2 Extension can be the answer to the question. Skatter 2 is the latest version extension pack for SketchUp which completely surpasses its previous version. In this new version, we get an overall improved functionality and optimized UI all ready to render your models.

Skatter version 2 can easily be called the most powerful Scattering Extension for SketchUp. It has the power to render a huge amount of vegetation, creates crowd models, carpets, helps create and keep track of the parameters given.

Skatter 2 is an innovative extension ideal for SketchUp users. It also added new library integration named 3D Bazaar, Zones, Random Materials, Image mask, Path mask, Composition mask, has an option to convert any random components into a Skatter integrated composition, also added a user-friendly user interface.

Skatter 2 extension works depending on hosts and objects. The host involves ground surface, terrains, valleys, etc and the objects involve trees, plants, vegetations, that are to Skatter around the hosts to give it a realistic background.

In Skatter 2, a composition feature is added which basically is necessary to organize and assign various parameters to the objects and also makes it easy to keep track of the various objects and hosts involved in a particular project.

Features of Skatter Version 2 for SketchUp

1. It can easily cover your landscape with a realistic vegetation layout with simple few clicks, or you can use your own materials to easily populate your background with rocks, cars, buildings, and many more, to give a more realistic outlook.

2. Using its “Render only “option, Skatter by default bypasses SketchUp and directly sends the information to the engines to start the rendering process. With this feature, you can keep working on lightweight SketchUp models while rendering a huge amount of objects.

3. Skatter comes along with many readymade 3D model warehouses, also features high-quality ready to render materials. Many vegetation and layout-related assets were added in Skatter Composition features, which instantly can be applied without assigning any parameters.

4. Nature and background can both be random or customizable. Through the Skatter Composition feature, we can easily track down the objects and hosts, and can also assign different required parameters to them.

5. We can control each and every activity and can customize both manually or parametrically, new and advanced masks like, Image masks, 3D paint masks, Path masks, Composition mask can also be used to make the most realistic projects of all.

6. This new version is very user-friendly, which can also be used by beginners and can render the materials of your own creation or use a readymade library. It provides an allowance to the user to customize every minute detail.

7. Skatter 2 cares for the user’s time and effort so by default it saves every small customizable item of yours, so you can easily return to the page and start from where you left as every parameter is saved, so no need to delete and start from the beginning.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: TheSketchUpEssentials

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Skatter 2 Extension for SketchUp and its Features