Skalp - SketchUp Extension Review

Skalp has been designed and built as an easy to use yet powerful Live Section Tool. It represents the key missing features needed to realize a long standing dream: Create your stunning plans and elevations inside SketchUp.

The Skalp development Team has its roots in architecture and 3D software, but that doesn?t mean Skalp is for architects or Pro users only. SketchUp is being used in so many disciplines nowadays. Which is why they intended Skalp to be as ?generic? as possible.

This means that the developers do not want to change or disrupt your specific workflow. They say that they feel Skalp should just try to respect whatever and however you?re doing in SketchUp and simply boost your ability to create superb drawings.

Features of Skalp

Skalp Sections:

1. Automatic hatch patterned cross sections.
2. Live updates, all model changes are tracked on the fly.
3. Use Styles to remap the look in each scene.
4. Fully supports nested groups and components.
5. Supports multiple drawing scales in one model.
6. Neat user interface filled with relevant features.
7. In Section Edit

Skalp Styles:

1. The same Section is represented in multiple ways.
2. Each Scene can have its own cross section style.
3. Intuitive and powerful mapping queries.
4. Assign by layer, material, hatching or tagging.
5. Patterns adapt to the drawing scale.
6. Rear View Projection
6. Section Cut Widths
7. Skalp Hiddenline Mode
8. Depth Clipping

Skalp Pattern Designer

1. Make awesome tileable Pattern textures for your Skalp Sections.
2. Texturize your model in a new creative way.
3. Import standard CAD patterns.
4. Build your own patterns from scratch.
5. Supports scales, transparency, colors & line widths.
6. Aligned Textures

This sketchup extension is available in

Skalp Export

1. Support for SketchUp Pro?s LayOut: Persistent updates of Skalp sections in all scenes.
2. Export to DXF includes real CAD hatch patterns.
3. Batch export of scenes to DXF.

System requirement for Skalp

Supported SketchUp versions
1. SketchUp 2018 Pro or above

Supported Operating systems
Mac OS 10.13+ (High Sierra), 10.12+ (Sierra) and OSX 10.11+ (El Capitan)
OR Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8+ and Windows 7+ Internet Explorer 10 or higher

Important Note: It is not wise to attempt to run Skalp 3.0 on earlier SketchUp versions, this will not work and is not supported. You can download Skalp 2.0 and use your Skalp 3.0 license activation code if you need Skalp to work in combination with SketchUp 2014 ? 2017 Make or Pro.

One question that is frequently heard is, do you need SketchUp Pro or does Skalp also works with SketchUp Make? The answer to that is, Skalp can be installed and used on SketchUp Make also. Of course this means you would miss Layout, since that comes with SketchUp Pro only.

Apart from this, the developers are preparing for an Educational version as well.

Skalp - SketchUp Extension Review