SimLab Composer Integration for SketchUp Plugin

SimLab Composer Integration is an innovative visualization program for SketchUp users. It is an easy, comfortable, and feature that enriches solutions for your 3D ideas. SimLab Composer Integration for SketchUp provides flexible connections between SketchUp and SimLab Composer. Through this extension, the user can easily render, animate, can generate advanced 3D Pdf files, and can also create interactive VR for SketchUp users.

SimLab Soft is a 3D software developing company, with a mission to develop a state-of-the-art 3D software product that is both powerful and user friendly. They are the creator of SimLab Composer integration SketchUp extension.

This Extension has every visualization solution that will enhance the user’s project at a different level. This plug-in or extension acts as a bridge covering the gap between SketchUp and SimLab Composer offering the best experience for the user.

One of the efficient features of this plug-in is that we can easily import and export 3D files from almost all known designing programs.

The latest version of SimLab Composer has no problem in working with SketchUp 2020 version. We can import SketchUp models into SimLab Composer and can be used for various purposes like rendering models, simulation to VR exclusive experiences.


SimLab Composer is Free for any education purposes for students to grow careers in designing or architecture and can also b used by the teacher to briefly demonstrate the related topics. During the first installation, the extension will automatically activate the 21 -day’s free trial, getting all its exclusive features.

At first-time installation, up to 30 times import is also provided as a part of the free trial version, after that, you have to get a licensed paid version to continue. Subscriptions are available in the following 5 versions, they are as follows:-

1. The Lite Edition: This type of edition provides a free rendering solution. It is basically used by amateurs, beginners, and professionals for providing top-quality rendered files. It is capable of only creating scene building and rendering.

2. The Pro Edition: The Pro Edition of SimLab Composer is a great tool for not only covering importing/ exporting files but also features great assistance in designing various models and creations of your own. It also comes with the facility of lighting, animations or graphics, and several other visualizations enhanced results. It is designed to cover the features in previous output and launched with some additional features like printing 3D Pdf, texture and lighting customization, and cloud sharing too is added.

3. The VR Edition: The VR edition is basically used o turn any project or model into a viewable VR scene on various devices like HTC, VIVE, Oculus Rift, Desktop, or mobile devices. It also supports VR creation, VR training modules, and VR 360 degree rendering ability.

4. The Mechanical: The mechanical edition is basically used to produce high-end visualizations and to run dynamic analysis. It is also used by professionals to manufacture high-end designs. It has the ability to support CADVRTER.

5. The Ultimate: The ultimate is basically not for any individual it is made intentionally for those companies who are looking for advanced solutions to improve the workability in this field. It can do everything a designer needs to, it also features automated coding and scripting facility, VR catalogs, and JT support.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SimLab Soft

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SimLab Composer Integration for SketchUp Plugin