Review of SketchUp Pro 2017

This is an exclusive sketchup video presented by Maquette Eletronica. The video sheds light on the new & improved basic tools in sketchup 2017 as well as the new features of sketchup 2017.

Given below some of the newest features in sketchup 2017:

✔ Offset - avoids overlapping geometries for more perfect results
✔ Performance - clarities with superior quality and speed
✔ Graphic arts completely supports monitors high retina
✔ Capability to fix the axis color
✔ Components formation window

✔ Layout - the dimensions are attached with the object and the object is modified, dimensions are also changed
✔ Layout - Exporting DWG is improved
✔ Superior extension manager

Download SketchUp 2017 - Download Windows x64, Download Mac OS X

Review of SketchUp Pro 2017
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