Create Beautiful Renders with Lumion 8

Lumion 8 is available now! See the release video above to find out how the latest version can help you make an amazing render in seconds. So, questions about everyone's mind: what's new in Lumion 8?

The short version is this - in Lumion 8, you can push the new style button to instantly create a beautiful render from your design. You can also turn on the sky day simulator, throw soft and detailed shadows subtly across your scene, and watch when your design takes the level of photorealism that drops the jaw.

From communicating your project to clients to make a last minute design change, Lumion 8 cranks on the machine for stress-free rendering with results that will definitely make you smile. In this post, we will explore some new features with a description of how you can start applying it to your CAD design.

What's new in Lumion 8

Since the Lumion 1.0 was released in 2010, our goal was to help architects and designers make beautiful renders, quickly and easily. And many have changed since then. After years of building cutting-edge rendering technology, Lumion 8 presents a big leap to photorealism. We also want to ensure that beautiful renders can be accessed by each architect with three core technology from this release, including:

1. Style
2. Sky light
3. Soft and smooth shadow details


The style button is the power of Lumion 8 which is put together. After you dress your 3D model with Lumion materials and objects, just click the Style button and choose one in eight styles. In an instant, your design is an amazing image with the backbone of light, depth, and balanced realism.

In seconds, pay attention as your design turns into something beautiful, something you can render immediately or personalize in minutes. Style includes:

a. Realistic
b. Inland
c. Dawn
d. Daytime
e. Night
f. Cloudy
g. Color sketch
h. Watercolor

Sky light

Think you are ready to make? If you haven't turned on the sky light effect, then ... Well ... No, maybe not. This is because the sky light is a technology developed for Lumion 8 which enhances the sense of environment, realism, and depth of your image.

The effect of the new sky light is a sophisticated simulator, during the day to soften and spread the environmental lighting of your scene. By turning it on, the sky itself suddenly became a very accurate light source, and the effect was very striking and surprisingly comfortable.

When used in combination with soft shadows and smooth detail shadows (found as part of the shadow effect), the sky lights strengthen the real life interactions of these elements. Watch as leaves and trees become photorealistic, and find as people, buildings, and landscapes suddenly look like them.

Soft and smooth shadow details

Realistic shadow simulation is one of the most difficult parts of the rendering process, until now. In Lumion 8, you can inject realism into your rendering by turning on a soft shadow and smooth detail shadows as part of the shadow effect. Instantly, the shadow becomes softer, the plenum grows.

In addition, hundreds of finely enriched detailed shadows and realistic sense of depth absorbing images.

Lumion 8 also presents a variety of new image quality features to help you capture your design with the best light. Only a few new features include:

1. "Just drawing hands" (only pro) - communicating your design form clearly. Valid for the effects of photorealistic, sketch or artistic to draw focus on the form and general form of your building.
2. Soften the hard edge (only pro) - soften the adjacent facial angles for display more representing the real quality of homes and physical buildings.
3. Beautiful new water - Lumion water now looks more realistic than before and there are twenty new water presets.
4. Tilt Shift (Only Pro) - Change your CAD model into an enhanced maquette from the real thing.
5. 4K Movie Rendering * - Give your project a visual advantage that cannot be replaced.
6. Omnilight Fall-off Slider - Illuminate the Fine Details of your design by crossing the right amount of light.
7. New fog - mind your model in an interesting and moody atmosphere.

Lumion Pro 8.0 is specifically designed to handle various purposes in visualizing 3D objects for architects. Lumion Pro is a new revolutionary 3D visualization software that allows you to change your 3D model into an impressive animation and video image. It helps you make beautiful 3D rendering films, images, and 360 presentations with ultrafast rendering, exceptional and more realistic quality than before.

New HD objects and materials

At Lumion 8, you will find new HD materials and objects which are purely wasteful in detail, shade surface and texture.

With 100s of HD materials, you can provide depth and realism for your building and landscape. As a result, it's easier for viewers to "touch" walls, "kiss" the leather of the living room sofa and "hear" the sound of moving across the floor.

There are 168 new material options in Lumion, including 38 new stone and concrete materials, 10 wallpapers, 51 metal materials and more. Enrich your rendering is easy with a number of new trees, more character models, new lights and more.

Workflow strength for faster, better results

Delete the timeliness component from the rendering process. With Lumion 8, you can take advantage of some new workflow progress:

a. Variations of Models and Materials (Only Pro) - Compare several options, balance various concept options and select the display you can be satisfied.
b. New grouping functions - Many objects together and control everything at once.
c. The function of the new layer - easily regulates your rendering elements, shows phasing and achieves greater efficiency.
d. Bulk placement for curved form - directly places many objects in complex forms, including curves.
e. Warp time - Slide small movements of animated people, animals, and objects in photo or video modes.
f. New measuring instruments (only pro) - make a quick measurement check without the need to return to your modeling software.
g. "See fixed point features" for handheld camera effects - camera keys to a single target point.
h. The 2-point perspective slider provides a solid and realistic display model with a cleaner and more accurate look geometric.

The architect depends on the complex CAD design software to sketch their 3D, that's where Lumion Pro comes useful. Sketches must be presented to clients but, beside them, beautiful and dynamic 3D models of what will be seen by the project will definitely attract everyone's attention.

Lumion's main features include:

1. Increased 3D model.
2. More accurate and detailed lights.
3. Enhanced material surface.
4. Import 3D Import Model.
5. Updated 3D animation object.
6. Updated animated spotlight effect.
7. Updated management option.
8. Shadows and objects updated.
9. The autumn generator effect is updated.
10. Update rendering faster.
11. Updated support for 3D models.
12. Updated pureglass rendering.
13. Updated reflection technology.

Lumion Pro 8 offers AIO solutions for 3D visualization and is very suitable for creating video animations, rendering and direct demonstrations for filmmaking, 3D architecture, designers, city planners, and more. Lumion offers a variety of high quality effects (including default plug-ins and third parties) such as plants, animals, humans, grass, clouds, light, and many other effects, including the effects and indoor or outdoor materials. Lumion is fully compatible with all 3D design software, such as SketchUp, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc.

Create Beautiful Renders with Lumion 8