Realer Places ? The newest augmented reality app for sketchup users

Realar Places is the newest augmented reality app developed by Dr. Dan Swan. The app is developed on Apple?s ARKit development structure for a sales-driven purpose. The app facilitates the prospective buyers walk through virtual off-the-plan houses in 3D ? on real blocks.

The app is mostly effective on any flat surface where it is possible to render a model. The users will be able to view the layout of a potential property, walk through the rooms, and check out through rendered windows and doors to get the real view of the exterior environment.

The Realar app is compatible with various leading 3D model formats which range from Filmbox (.fbx), through authoring software suites along with 3DStudioMax, Unity 3D, Unreal, Revit and Sketchup. The full set of supported formats comprise of Alembic (.abc), Wavefront Object (.obj), Polygon (.ply) and Standard Tessellation Language (.stl), and the developers plan to add GPS-based functionality and CRM platform integration in future releases.

The app is launched specifically aiming at the Australian market initially, and is accessible under a range of monthly pricing plans.

To download the app, go through the following link

Go through the following video tutorial for online demonstration.

Realer Places ? The newest augmented reality app for sketchup users