How to Install Profile Builder 3 for SketchUp & its Unique Features

Many SketchUp users consider Profile Builder to be a must-have plug-in. The tool enables the creation and sharing of parametric smart assemblies like those in this collection. You can download, customize, and build any of these assemblies according to your model's requirements. A new level of parametric modeling is available with Profile Builder 3. Build incredible assemblies with Span Assembly parts.

Features of Profile Builder 3 for SketchUp

1. Parametric Holes tools allow you to create holes with just a click. A feature of auto-assembly allows instant assembly. The assembly height can be set. Path Mode allows you to build multiple paths at once. Live editing of profiles is available.

2. Develop intelligent material models for real buildings by editing, editing, and quantifying. Profiles can be defined and saved. Extruding profiles in any direction is automatic.

3. Orientation of profiles along a path can be fully controlled. In a parametric assembly, profiles and components can be combined with unlimited parameters. You can set the height and width of any profile.

4. Helical paths keep profiles upright. There are certain tools for extending or splitting members' profiles.

5. This Tool is for revolving a profile. You can select Smart-Paths with this tool.

6. Tool is for quantifying. Instantly estimate costs and calculate quantities. Paths can be edited more easily.

7. A key aspect of this software is that its functionality is constantly expandable through plug-ins. Among its features is parametric modeling, for instance.

8. Usually found in professional engineering suites such as profile builder 3, this feature allows for the quick adaptation of the mesh with sliders and selections. Instead, 3D viewports are used to model designs with subdivision modeling as well as various tools to transform them. Designers will find it more useful for this reason.

How to load Assembly content into Profile Builder

Profile Builder contains a variety of useful tools including assemblies. Use the SketchUp Component window to include the Assembly Component in your model. To load assembly settings in the dialog, use the eye-dropper in PB Assembler.

SKP files for assembly components can be downloaded here. Place the Assembly library file in a convenient location on your computer. Click on this file to open it in the PB Assembler browser.


A limited-time offer is available that will make Profile Builder 3 half price for just $39.50.

One of the best-selling SketchUp extensions of all time is Profile Builder. You'll understand why after trying it. You can use this license for a maximum of 3 years before switching to a paid license for the full version of Profile Builder 3 and all its features. Using Profile Builder 3 already is a great way to cut costs while your business is starting up.


Models at light speed are now at your disposal. The RBZ file can be downloaded below, and installation instructions are in the paragraph below.

Profile Builder requires a license key. You have a license key for the trial or commercial version. Immediately following your purchase, Mind-Sight Studios Inc. will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible. The second email will contain your license information. If you don't receive them within 30 minutes after ordering, then you must contact customer support.

Wrapping it Up

The free Profile Builder 3 software is built around parametric modeling. It is designed to visualize real-life objects in 3D. Your 3D design can be easily modified with parametric modeling by going back into your history and changing the dimensions.

Its features are oriented towards the community because it is an open-source program. If you are new to Profile Builder 3, be prepared to have a bit of a learning curve. You will find that the free software has an amazing set of features if you dig deeper into it.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: TheSketchUpEssentials

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How to Install Profile Builder 3 & its Unique Features