Extension Review - PlusSpec for SketchUp Pro

Hello there, readers! Today, we will talk about another great plugin for SketchUp ? it is called PlusSpec and it is truly a thing of beauty.

PlusSpec was built with mostly residential construction in mind, however, it is quite capable at other types of building work as well. Partnered with RubySketch, PlusSpec is a game-winner in BIM and VDC market. Bring on the architect wars!

What is PlusSpec for SketchUp Pro

The main idea behind PlusSpec is to convert SketchUp into a fully capable Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) app. PlusSpec lets you create constructible designs and get the documentations to build them. It is a magic app that snaps together CAD and BIM, 3D design and 2D documentation, VDC and Estimation altogether!

With an astonishing turn, PlusSpec will allow you to use readily available building material specifications from real manufacturers. This information is available in the form of materials with embedded data, and when you use those materials in SketchUp, you add values automatically to your model.

This move effectively automates half the job needed to get constructible documentation off of a 3D architectural model, so your design time in SketchUp will get that much faster! And not only that, this data reflects any changes as you perform them instantly as well. That means this for your project ? get real data, for real materials, in real-time!

Salient points of PlusSpec for SketchUp Pro

Flexibility unlimited

You can customize PlusSpec for SketchUp Pro in any way you like! Just like SketchUp, indeed, flexibility is one of its prime selling points. There are few things in this app, short of the core code, that you can?t change.

Take the materials for example. While you?ll probably never need to make a custom material owing to the giant materials library ? you still can actually make any custom material you want, with your own data. You can make your own unique materials library as well.

BIM through and through

The models you build with SketchUp aren?t BIM models ? they are CAD models. That is, what you see is all you get ? there is no constructible data attached to the standard SketchUp models. However, with PlusSpec, that?s about to change totally.

All PlusSpec models are BIM (Building Information Modeling) models through and through. That is, the model is not only what you see, but it also has data embedded in it all the way to the most minute detail about its real-life brother to be built on site: materials, dimensions, estimates ? you name it.

So, what does it mean for you? It means you have a fully constructible model in front of you built using PlusSpec, batched with all kinds of construction information. This includes quantities, pricing, product names and codes, specifications, warranties, general notes, and oh so much more!

Parametric modeling

Parametric modeling is all the craze in heavy-duty BIM software like Revit ? and that is now available in SketchUp as well, courtesy of PlusSpec! With this awesome extension for SketchUp Pro, you will never have to redraw a single line ever again. You can change every property of an entity with just a click ? materials, heights, diameters, thickness, floor plans, anything really.

Automating quantity and cost estimation

How can a VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) app be complete without the auto-estimate features? Order your PlusSpec for SketchUp Pro to generate automated takeoffs for your materials, quantities, labor, costs and more with just a click. It is so fast and easy, you can do it while on the phone with the client and give them the quote.

Real-time data update

What?s a BIM app without automated model data updates? All the above facilities change in real time as you make changes in your model. Never worry about whether everything is reflecting your changes or not ? they will!

PlusSpec. Real data. Real-time.

For SketchUp Pro and above.

PlusSpec software delivers tools that support architectural design, estimating, scheduling and product selection in commercial & residential projects. PlusSpec is built to simplify BIM to a way that just about anyone can use and understand. Comprehensive features make PlusSpec an ideal solution for the entire building project team.

Download PlusSpec for SketchUp

Extension Review - PlusSpec for SketchUp ProImage Courtesy: plusspec.com