Demonstration of outliner tool inside sketchup

In this sketchup video tutorial, Justin Geis, the renowned sketchup tutor, has demonstrated the functionalities of outliner tool inside sketchup. This tool will save huge time while working in sketchup as well as retain your model organized.

Outliner comes as a little menu to the right hand side of sketchup. If is not visible to the right hand side, just go to window then click on default tray and check the box beside outliner (check the box). Also make sure that tray is turned on.

If there is a group or component in your model and the model contains group geometry, they will appear inside the outliner.

To start with, draw a box, push pull it up, choose it, right click on the box and made it a group, as soon as it turns to a group, it shows up inside the outliner. Now it is possible to make changes to it, rectify it and make the model organized.

After transforming the parts of your model into groups or components, the outliner monitors them properly. It is possible to establish the relationships among parts of your model in a structured outline style having one group nested inside of another. With outliner, the parts of your model can be hidden and safeguard them from unintended changes.

To gather more knowledge on outliner, go through the following exclusive video tutorial.

Video Source TheSketchUpEssentials

Demonstration of outliner tool inside sketchup