Material Quantification and its Calculation Using the Quantifier Pro Plugin in SketchUp

SketchUp's Quantifier Pro can use to create cost estimates and quantify different objects. Additionally, Quantifier Pro helps SketchUp users quickly calculate weight, length, volume, area, and costs.

Estimate the areas of slabs, walls, cladding, flooring, and roofing. Calculate the area of the current and planned structure. You can also calculate the overall volume of the components, groups, and nested objects contained inside.

SketchUp allows you to compute the weight of objects by setting a unit weight density for the object’s layer. Quantifier Pro provides exact dimensions for components and groups.

Features of Quantifier Pro

1. Quantifier Pro provides you with the tools to quantify and price your SketchUp objects. Within the quantifier, you simply select different objects in your model and then apply cost data to them.

2. When you select an object in Quantifier Pro, you can view that object within the Quantifier Pro dialog box.

3. Consider putting all objects on the same layer for a block wall if you're going to quantify it. You can use this to apply different cost properties to objects on your layer.

4. Take, for example, the example of creating a foundation wall profile using Profile Builder 3. You have set up each profile to appear on its own layer. Basically, everything in that layer will get the cost applied to its face square footage when costs are applied to that layer.

5. This can also apply costs to objects based on other variables, such as length, within your model. With the profile builder, you can create a wood base inside your model. This calculates a cost for the wood base depending on the length and the unit cost if it is on a wood base layer.

6. You can also use this to quantify objects you've built yourself, even if they weren't created with Profile Builder.

7. As well as the materials in SketchUp, you can apply cost based on those materials. The cost will determine based solely on the materials applied to the front side faces, avoiding double-counting of the backside materials using this method.

Calculation using Quantifier Pro

SketchUp plug-in Quantifier Pro allows you to calculate cost reports and quantities directly from your model.

Area Calculation

You can calculate the area of walls, slabs, roofs, flooring, and more. You can calculate the area of objects with thickness and the surface area. Easily calculate the surface area of any material in your SketchUp model with an instant Material Report.

Weight Calculation

Assigning a unit weight density to each layer in your SketchUp model allows you to determine the weight of your models' objects. That can calculate based on volume, area, and length.

Length Quantification

Additionally, Quantifier Pro provides information about group width, height, and group length.

Calculate Volume

SketchUp's Entity Info window is much less powerful than Quantifier Pro's volume calculator. It is capable of determining the volume of nested objects as well as the total volume of groups and components. It can estimate even the volume of non-water-tight objects. You can use it to calculate the volume of concrete, gravel, topsoil, water tanks, etc.


  • When the SketchUp model changes, all reports automatically update.
  • It is possible to customize quantity takeoff reports to include calculations for length, width, height, projected area, surface area, weight, and cost.
  • Detailed Cost Estimate Reports can export in HTML or CSV.
  • The unified cost data can only be exported and imported via Microsoft Excel for Windows.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support.
  • Reports can customize with full control over units and precision.
  • You can get even more power with Profile Builder 3.

A user can also create reports in Quantifier Pro and view them within SketchUp. Once the report creates, click the ‘Export SKP to Excel’ button to export it in Excel.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: TheSketchUpEssentials

That will export all your units according to the units and precision items you selected in your report settings. You can format & edit the report. After that, it can export to an excel spreadsheet.

Material Quantification and its Calculation Using the Quantifier Pro Plugin in SketchUp