MAJ Column Plugin for SketchUp

MAJ Column - This plugin can makes square and rectangular concrete column include component rebars, stirrups, and material information.

By this plugin, you can create or design columns and its components such as rebars and stirrups. This plugin completely tested in the Windows and MAC OS.

Plugin fist that ask you some information about column like, " "Column Length ", " Column Width", "Column Height", "Column to Zero", "Rebar Size", "Ribar Number", "Stirrup Size", "Stirrup Distance", "Neck Top", and "Neck Bottom etc.

This information is save and any time you can use this plugin and you can find the last column information. After you confirm then you should select the first and second points for the column.

After you select the first point then you can see the column body in view. Column, rebars, and stirrups will make in "Foundasion Tag".

Also column information like as "Concrete Volume", "Rebars Length", "Rebars Volume", "Stirrups Length", and Stirrups Volume" will be in "Info Tag". If you do not needs the rebars or stirrups, then select their size or is zero.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Majid Mahmoudi

You can download this version:

MAJ Column Plugin for SketchUp