Visualize your Model in Reality via Lumion LiveSync 9

Let?s face it, we all want to see our beautiful designs, our hard work, on reality. But until it gets built, all you have is your mind?s eye to daydream about seeing your model in a realistic environment. Well, not anymore!

Introducing Lumion LiveSync 9, an extension for the well-loved Trimble SketchUp. It lets you set up a real-time live view of your SketchUp project.

You can visualize how it would look in reality of whatever you are doing in SketchUp, in real time. Connect modelling and 3D-realistic rendering simultaneously by visualizing your model in breathtaking ultra-realistic 3D environment.

Lumion?s real-time synchronization lets you unleash the creator in yourself, letting you see exactly how your hard work interacts with reality, such as light and physics. Render immediately multiple environments and materials, see weather effects on your models, and more! Place a window on the wall, and in the Lumion LiveSync 9 window, actually see through it! Watch the actual shadow offered by that sunshade you just put up.

Wonder what your floor would look like with 3D, physics-enabled fur? How about setting up the deck on top of a densely grassy hill? Under a partially cloudy sky? Wonder if your little cottage will look like a fairytale house buried half in snow? Shouldn?t your plants sway realistically under a light breeze? 3D fur, real skies, sky lights, atmospheric rain, volumetric snow, 3D grass materials and more 3D details in OpenStreetMap - everything is there to accelerate your design workflows with 3D-realistic rendering.

Using LiveSync, you can see all these environments, lighting effects and physics effects on your model as you design it, live.

Realtime Material Synchronization

Wood, metal or Plastic? Rugged, matte or smooth? How rugged, exactly? Lumion LiveSync plugin lets you play with over a thousand materials. Apply the right face to your surface, in beautiful high definition and high fidelity. You will feel the chill seeping off a cold granite wall, or enjoy the warmth of that walnut armchair.

Live POV Synchronization

Direct realtime camera movement synchronization between design and rendering has never been this buttery smooth. Pan, rotate, zoom or move your view in SketchUp and the point of view in LiveSync rotates accordingly. Look from the right angle at the bones of your model and see it live up in reality simultaneously.

Auto Model Import

No need to deal with cluttered files and stuff! Lumion loads your active model directly with the LiveSync connection. Work even after switching off Lumion, it saves and loads your data automatically.

Beautiful ontime renders are at your fingertips with Lumion LiveSync 9. As you work in SketchUp, side-by-side in the LiveSync window the project stands in real life, on grassy uneven field, on a neatly trimmed and decorated lawn, in a crowded snowy street or on dynamic concrete as you choose. Realistic skies with multitude of effects hover above your model while you intersect, subtract or extend happily away.

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Visualize your Model in Reality via Lumion LiveSync 9