IthilRenderTools v2.0.1 – The newest sketchup plugin

Ithil develops IthilRenderTools v2.0.1. This newest sketchup plugin supports sketchup 2014 and higher versions. The plugin can be used to generate simple materials with simple mouse click. Besides, all identical materials which contain various colors are easily grouped and tagged and the users will be able to apply them by just one mouse button.

The users can apply this sketchup plugin to automatically arrange different types of materials like all plastic toys in kids room , all books, pencils on the desk, all magazines etc.

The plugin contains a block of scnene materials. It is also possible to find out inappropriate materials containing incorrect textures.

Plugin is used to rewrite paths to texures and proxies if it is required to switch your PC. Generates a report for lost materials and detects them easily and recover.

The plugin can copy as well as drag & drop method of all maps in scene. The plugin is available in sketchucation store (

Go through the following tutorial videos to get more information about the plugin.

IthilRenderTools v2.0.1 – The newest sketchup plugin