Interior Lighting Options in Lumion

Lumion is excellent for interior. So, when I speak about Lumion, I can talk about exteriors also. It has different types of lighting and effects. In this article I discuss about its strategies and effects. So that you can understand the whole process easily.

Lumion has several different light sources. This article is understandable for first time user.


1. As sun is light source so it causes shadows.
2. Environment tab can controlled the default position of sun in build mode.
3. North direction, latitude and longitude are offered by the Sun study effect.
4. It also can override the environment setting by adding the sun study effect in mode.


a. Spotlight emanate from any point. It also causes shadow.
b. Spotlight is cone of light.
c. Spotlight can set the brightness as default at 300.
d. Using the object tab mode and move mode we can also modify the color, change the brightness.
e. Spotlight can be ideal for can lights, pendant lights and lamps.
f. Global Illumination effect calculated that spotlight is the one and only artificial light source.
g. ?Show light source? option also available in this spotlight mode.
h. With node placement option spotlight can be placed accurately.


1. Omni light is a light source. It can reflect light from all directions. It also brighten all surfaces.
2. It can?t make shadows at all.
3. It also can set the brightness as default at 500.
4. By using object tab we can change the color and brightness.

5. Omni light also project light through walls. ?Light leakage? can also be controlled by adjusting the brightness mode.
6. When we?ll soften the scallop effect it will be ideal for that moment.

Light fill

a. It can cast light from all the directions. It also brighten the front and back of all surfaces.
b. It does not cast shadow either.
c. Light fill can set the brightness as default to 1500.
d. There is an object mode option here and we can set the color and brightness of light by using it.
e. Light fill would be ideal to force the light in dark area.
f. Light fill can project light through walls and light leakage can be controlled by adjusting brightness mode.

Area light

1. Area light is a rectangular light source. It can cast light from one direction only.
2. The advantage of area light is that It can brighten all the surfaces of walls and it can't make shadows.
3. It can set the brightness to 50.
4. By using object tab, move mode and edit properties we can adjust brightness and color.
5. Area light is ideal for pushing light into space.
6. It also projects light through walls and we can adjust the light leakage by set the brightness mode.
7. One more available option is here. It is called as ?show light source?.

Line light

a. It is also rectangular light show and it does not make shadows.
b. It can set the brightness to 1000.
c. Line light is ideal for back-lighting televisions, art and cove light also.
d. ?Light leakage? and ?show light source? are very useful options available in line light mode.

Emissive material

1. It is made of glowing material and it casts as a glaring light source also.
2. It will not cast light if it has not one pixel of visibility.
3. It is ideal for stimulating glowing light also.

Lighting strategy

There are two strategies. One is accurate lighting and the second one is artistic lighting. To get the light source you must follow the instructions. Lumion light source is idea if it is used as combination of accurate lighting and artistic writing.

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