How to utilise your Small Kitchen Space?

In this article we will elaborately discuss about how to design a kitchen, particularly a small kitchen. The shortage of space must not discourage you when it comes to designing your kitchen. For this article we are going to take our inspiration from a Scandinavian kitchen. The minimal, fuss-free appearance of a Scandinavian kitchen is always a treat to look at.

Before deciding on how you want to design your kitchen it is advisable to create a mood board. Your mood board will have a grid layout where you will add images of kitchen designs you like, along with color scheme and words which describes how you want the kitchen to look like.


To achieve the sleek look of a Scandinavian kitchen it is advisable to choose one single colour for the units. Handles play an important role when it comes to how a space will look aesthetically.

Therefore, try to keep the handles minimal. You can opt for a no handles look for units fixed to the walls.


Choice of color will play an important role when it comes to the final look of the kitchen space.

For a sleek, fuss-free look choose chalky white, light grey you can even choose light green and blue to add a touch of color to the look. Remember to keep it subtle so do not choose colors which are loud.


Extended wall units are an excellent way to use the minimal space to its fullest. To avoid cluttering the worktop it is advisable to go for extended wall units. Also, they add a great look to our kitchen.


While adding wall units are a good idea, it is still advisable to not clutter the wall space. Too much of wall units will lead to crowding of the available space. Therefore, to avoid such a situation you can opt for open shelves.

Through open-shelves you can add a personal touch by adding art or books along with your kitchen essentials.


The choice of tile type will not matter, what impacts the look of the kitchen is the color you choose for the tiles.

The tiles color must be of a similar tone or shade to the units. The combination of a worktop and tiles can help in creating a breathing space.

The walls are not as much visible because of the presence of tiles therefore providing a blur area between the worktop and the wall.

How to utilise your Small Kitchen Space?