IRender nXt Extension for SketchUp

SketchUp, a 3D modeling computer software for drawings and designing animations needs a high level of rendering tools to finalize the task. The iRender nXt for SketchUp is a well enhanced and strong extension with many more exciting materials and features which will give more greater quality. IRender nXt for SketchUp is very much capable to deliver high-resolution, photorealistic images within SketchUp. It by default has some amazing innovative materials, lightings and also comes with a friendly interface for beginners use.

It also comes with Exterior and interior lighting, with customizable shadow effects, reflections, highlighting etc. IRender nXt also gives smooth still images rendering, it also comes with 360 degree panorama image rendering and animations.

You are just a click away to get a smooth high quality rendered image according tour need. IRender nXt extension can make your design workflow more effective and flawless by saving your setting within the SketchUp.

Key Benefits using IRender nXt

1. Convenient and fast material customizing wizard to make the image or output more realistic and high resolution.

2. It allows a little preview of the final image before rendering starts so that no fault is found.

3. Automatically saves the final draft as soon as it completes. So that if someone closes the application accidently the output does not get lost.

4. IRender nXt for SketchUp have made improvements in layout of the models as well as images which allows more fast and hindrance free rendering.

5. It also features and designs to create an interactive 3D Pdf files using their models and your rendered image.

6. IRender nXt also can save your rendered image by just clicking save option on the IRender toolbar.

7. By using materials channels you can customize according to your requirement the color, luminescence of pixel after rendering.

8. Image filters is also available to glorify the output.

9. iRender nXt is most affordable and optimized rendering plugin.

New Feature in iRender nXt for SketchUp

1. A well organized collection of 3D objects, like lighting fixture fixes light without any high setup rather just by clicking few buttons.

2. Layer Wizard makes it easier to place your rendered creations in a adjustable background and extract the settings for further rendering.

3. Lights and Edit wizard makes it easy to find examine and customize the artificial lights placed in the SketchUp models for rendering.

4. iRender also provides rendering procedure through clouds which will help you complete project within deadlines.

5. iRender nXt just works flawless and compatible with SketchUp.

6. It lets you change the view options and also can zoom in and out after rendering and can re- render without changing the view in SketchUp.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Render Plus Software

7. Hugh Dynamic Range Imagining (HDRI) gives the advantage of five lighting presets which makes more comfortable set the correct amount of lighting.

8. iRender nXt also comes with collection of great 3D models which will enhance the designing and will save time and effort.

9. New version of iRender nXt version is also recently launched with two times faster rendering power compared to previous version.

IRender nXt Extension for SketchUp
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