How To Use Solid Tools In Sketchup To Design A Table

This sketchup tutorial will show how to create a table in different way by applying solid tools in Sketchup Pro 2016. The tutorial is a part of sketchup skill builder series.

The Solid tools in sketchup will produce new shapes with the integration or cutting one shape with another that simplify the process to model an outer shell or joinery.

SketchUp’s Solid tools can only perform on SketchUp solids. In SketchUp, a solid belongs to any 3D model (component or group) that contains a finite closed volume. A solid in sketchup does not include any leaks (missing faces or faces that do not come across at an edge).

In order to verify either your group or component is a solid entity or not, right-click on it and select Entity Info. When the Entity Info dialog box will appear, the upper-left corner points out if the selection is a solid or not. If it becomes difficult to recognize leaks that resist your model to be functional as a solid entity, explore through the Extensions Warehouse to obtain a third-party plugin useful for resolving the issue.

To get more information on sketchup solid tools, go through the link

How to use solid tools in sketchup to design a table