A Step-by-Step guide to Import SketchUp files into Blender

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software made by Trimble. It offers several tools and features. Architectural, civil engineering, and interior design are among their most popular uses. With SketchUp, you can also find a library of free models created by users on the 3D Warehouse, which you can download for free. Third-party plug-ins is also available to enhance the modeling software.

SketchUp (SKP) to Blender

SKP is the only format that is available for export in the free version of SketchUp. It is possible to work around the issue, but it takes some effort.

No additional software needs for the easiest method. Since we cannot export our model directly from the platform, you must upload your model to 3D Warehouse and then download it in Collada extension format. Following this, you can import the file to Blender, as you did previously. You will proceed as follows:

1. Your model should appear in the SketchUp online window.

2. You can access the menu by clicking the icon in the upper left corner.

3. 3D WAREHOUSE is the place to go.

4. Please specify if you would like a public or private access to the model.

5. Fill in the title and the description of the project. Fields that are mandatory are important later.

6. Upload your file by clicking "Upload".

7. Go to the 3D Warehouse website once the upload is complete.

8. Enter your model's title in the search bar at the top. You need to be logged in if you uploaded it as a private model.

9. You can download your model by clicking the "Download" button located on the model page.

10. Select "Collada File" from the drop-down list.

11. Download the file and unzip it.

12. Choose File > Import > Collada (.DAE) in Blender.

13. Located in the unzipped folder is the .DAE file.

14. Import by clicking twice.

Alternative Method

It is also possible to transfer your SketchUp models to Blender using another workaround. It is possible to import native SketchUp files directly into a blender using an add-on. Fortunately, you can still download all versions of Blender. Several versions of the software can install on your computer at once. Importing SketchUp files directly through File, Import is easy with the add-on.

Compatibility Issue

Even though Blender is a free program, it not intends for casual hobbyists. After the release of version 2.8, all the features and tools might overwhelm a beginner. Be aware that the tantalizingly powerful features of Blender are impossible to escape once you learn them.

In SketchUp, it is possible to export files that are compatible with Blender, and it is possible to download models from 3D Warehouse in a format that is friendly to Blender. SketchUp, which is free and online, produces only its native format (SKP), which Blender cannot directly import.

Final Thoughts

A broad range of professionals and hobbyists use Blender, while it is open-source software. It can use not only for 3D modeling but also for rendering, animation, simulation, sculpting, visual effects, and game development. Due to SketchUp's architecture-centric focus, most users render their models with Blender.

Blender may not be as powerful as SketchUp plug-ins, but there are a few that are. Besides building and structuring buildings and structures for games, SketchUp is also very useful for converting them into a final game.

From everyday objects to vehicles and houses, you can find all kinds of models on the community platform 3D Warehouse. SketchUp users create the designs, so the source for free models is great.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: KatsBits

A Step-by-Step guide to Import SketchUp files into Blender