Can learning SketchUp earn you money?

In the past twenty years, architects and designers have diversified into a variety of creative fields. From 3D visualization to graphics design and CGI in movies to architectural visualization and city building in video games, architects and designers have been at the forefront of most of these projects, so it is only natural that the way in which architects used to be paid has changed significantly.

Using modelling and rendering software, you may earn money in a variety of ways. There are many alternatives to pick from, from classic to more unconventional techniques. In this article, we will be discussing a few ways to earn money using SketchUp:-


Online platforms are the perfect place to advertise yourself as a freelance designer if you're interested in doing the work. By connecting people with various skill sets to paying clients via these platforms, people with varying skill sets can connect with each other.

In the freelance world, there are a lot of marketplaces where employers can find employees, and employees can find employers. Employers can post offers of work on the site for employees to bid on in a competitive procurement process where members can apply for the work.

There is also an option for members to host contests on the site for which there are prizes offered as a reward, as well as enter those contests.

Earning as Architecture

The first way to go about it is by following a more traditional route, which is to enter the field of architecture or interior design. After graduating from school, you would learn to draft, then eventually find your way into a firm that specializes in interior design or architecture.

Although this isn't exactly one of the newer paths, it certainly still stands as one of the prominent things in architecture and construction as most of the architects that we know of today found their footing through architectural competitions. Architecture competitions are a great way for young architects to be exposed to various new projects, get a chance to participate, and even get the project by winning these competitions.

3D model selling

It is possible for Sketchup users to earn a decent living by designing and selling objects on 3D model websites. This method can be difficult to gain traction with, but if you enjoy modeling objects in Sketchup and are looking for an opportunity for some passive income, this might be a good option for you.

Working as a consultant

In addition to becoming a consultant for a firm that specializes in architecture or interior design, you have other options as well. Basically, you will be creating Sketchup models for them so they can see how their designs will look.

It is common for firms to hire someone else to do their 3D modeling for them as they do not want to spend the time creating their own models. If you are looking to hone your Sketchup skills as well as find your niche market, this is a great place to do so.

Making creative ads

Out of all the subspecialties of architecture that designers have embraced, one could first overlook the connection between real estate firms and 3D visualization. Architectural visualization is incredibly important to and closely relates to the marketing of real estate enterprises.

As a result of the development of computer rendering and digital replication in recent decades, real estate companies with an interest in providing their clients with a little more information than a wink and a firm handshake are able to use a variety of tools to provide them with that information.

A potential customer was able to get a better understanding of what was possible rather than having to be described in detail what it was that was possible by spending time on drawing and animations.

Creating stock pictures

When you're working in Sketchup to model your product, you're probably going to have plenty of options that you can use to render your product. Although it may take some time before it sees a lot of revenue, the demand for stock images is wide and varied.

If you have already spent some time building a detailed model, you may want to consider rendering it and selling it in order to earn some extra money.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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Creating animations for Stock websites

This approach is distinctive since you would market animations rather than photos. For animation, you may charge significantly more, and many people are interested in various types.

There are many ways that you can make an animation in Sketchup, such as using the built-in animation feature, or you can use a rendering application to give the motion an even greater polish. There is a reasonable assumption that you will make a few hundred dollars per month even if you do not get rich immediately, or even if you do not get rich at all.

Can learning SketchUp earn you money?