Concept of Building Home Office using SketchUp with help of top Architect

SketchUp competition gives all top Architects to design their dream home office in SketchUp. Work from home now becomes new norm in this pandemic. That has influenced Architect to showcase those creative and technical skills. Sadly, SketchUp has to pick one winner out of all those beautiful design.

It?s a huge congratulation to Pedro Sousa, an architecture student at Anglia Ruskin University. SketchUp swag, a 3D-Connexion Space Mouse Wireless, ?250 Voucher Express vouchers, plus unlimited bragging rights give to the worthy winner.

SketchUp wanted to showcase as much of his talent as possible as SketchUp also selected some other fantastic entries SketchUp enjoyed and have included the corresponding designer?s descriptions.

Pedro Sousa

My Kitchen Design Office is at the south facing garden end , stone building with a sedum roof, roof lantern, and full-width oak sliding doors for an inside/outside living feel.

Concept of Building Home Office using SketchUp with help of top Architect

The continuous stone walls connect the indoor and outdoor spaces together. Although the style is fashionable, the natural materials of oak, stone, and granite give a relaxing feel. Planting in the exterior walls gives a soothing view with protection from the wind when I am sitting in the sunshine on my breaks. The flooring materials run through the two spaces of the inside which has a bespoke brass inlay within the dark granite border.

The studio is lit with a wash of light from the three-sided recessed lighting channel to complement the natural light. It highlights the strong wall contrasted texture with the sleek and modern feel. I hope to motivate both modern and traditional kitchen styles fans within this space.

The back wall has two huge cupboards on either side, one made with different kitchen doors to showcase the different styles available, the other displaying the colors and handles. Inside one of the cupboards a hot tap and a small sink and fridge for all the tea I drink. But all my mess hides away here. Beautiful steam-bent, spiral display case for design books and brochures has the main focal point of Pedro Souza design.

Thomas Jolley

Concept of Building Home Office using SketchUp with help of top Architect

Thomas Jolley is an Industrial Designer from Malton, North Yorkshire, has a passion for Scandinavian furniture. Minimalist design cues have featured heavily in my entry.

He has created an office which is an external property at the garden end. This low key space is an office for creativity and tranquility that distract away from the household. The office construction features external spruce cladding, glass-fronted windows front with back, zinc-paneled roof, with spruce cladding, glass & solar paneling that gives off-grid electricity system for the office and can use for the main household.

Chloe Webb

Chloe Webb is an Interior Design Student at the Derby University.

Concept of Building Home Office using SketchUp with help of top Architect

It is a ?Modern meets Rustic? design, with the office area being a modern and sleek set-up and the snug area being a more-cozy, colorful design. The office area consists of a bespoke drawing table stretching the whole length of the back wall with storage underneath and a desk set-up laptop, two screens, and speakers. There is some of my design presentations framed on the wall as well. The desk is part of a two-tier unit that doubles as a bar counter on the other side, with four barstools next to the wall-mounted gin bar. There is also a comfortable armchair and log burner. The full height windows looks like door double to the balcony with a swing to enjoy the summer sunshine.

Chloe Webb?s Dream Home Office is a three-floor home office. The ground floor has an office space, the first floor contains a library and the second floor contain a meeting room.

1. The office contains a space to work in with a beautifully curved desk and a comfortable chair work, desk place by the window to have the most natural light.

2. The library has a large shelving unit on each area. In the middle, it has comfortable seating to relax and read the book with a floor lamp that contains a few shelves for beverages. The library complemented by the large chandelier and two large pieces of art.

3. The meeting room has a large table with beautiful chairs and a TV wall for presentations and zoom calls. Relaxing area with a fireplace and three armchairs has on the left hand side. The meeting room is a round-shaped structure with panoramic views.

4. The structure support by metal beams and has a gorgeous floating staircase. I imagine this structure placed near the lake in the beautiful woodland area. The meeting room would be just above three heights to be able to enjoy breaking panoramic views. The ground floor office would have a direct path to the bridge to place your feet in the water. Since it is a separate structure, it would have direct access to the house and its amenities.


Concept of Building Home Office using SketchUp with help of top Architect

Aaron is a third-year BA student studying Artist Designer Maker at CSAD (Cardiff School of Art and Design). I have been using SketchUp since I can remember and use-to visualize all my projects before making them.

That is my design for my ideal office, with two desktop computers, two graphics tablets, plenty of shelving for the item display, and a comfortable seating area with a hanging daybed.

Concept of Building Home Office using SketchUp with help of top Architect
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