SketchUp Beginner's Guide to 3D Model Promotion & Training

A 3D furniture layout can be explored using these tools or lighting or materials studies can be created. Their 3D models can be used to develop accurate topographical plans for planting schemes or help landscape architects visualize planting schemes. You can create immersive sets in 3D with V-ray for SketchUp to tell your story through realistic concept images.

Giant companies with unlimited marketing budgets might not experience this problem, but startups will. A high quality 3D model and rendering allow the customer to understand the product.

Reason behind 3D Models over Normal Photography

When consumers are constantly bombarded with similar products, the challenge is not to launch the product into the market to make it stand out. Digital visualization is far from being as realistic as photography. The same effect can be achieved with a photograph, but it would require significantly more resources.

Lots of Variations

A 3D model also has the advantage of being able to modify an object in a way that photography cannot. Technology exists for photo manipulation, but, as a starting point, you must have a physical prototype.

CAD software is capable of manipulating every aspect of design since 3D models are nothing more than digital files. This kind of flexibility saves a lot of money in marketing a product that offers many variations. You need a standard 3D model modified to show all the different materials, textures, colors, dimensions, or shapes available for the product.


Creating marketing campaigns for complex products can be challenging, especially if you want to highlight their workings. Explaining the internal components of a 3D model is not easy, but it is not impossible either. The cost of 3D models was much higher in the past, and it was almost impossible for small companies to afford them.

No Prototype

When you have a prototype working with 3D models, there is a significant difference between photography and 3D models, as that cannot be accomplished without a frame with the actual product. At the very least, the photographer must use a working prototype.

The 3D model is an entirely digital object created on a computer screen. Content from the object can be used on websites or printed for offline marketing. You can create an image as realistic as a photograph and much more versatile if you do it correctly.

It is simple to customize colors, shapes, sizes, and resolutions to fit the advertising medium you want to use.

Unlimited Background

It is virtually impossible to run out of backdrop options because black, white, or any other solid color can highlight the details of the product perfectly. Colorless backdrops are preferred by some people because they can clearly see the product on screen without distractions.

The product can be showcased in the real world by creating a creative ambience around it. Using a 3D model, you can show a desk or an office room if the product is a table lamp. You don't need to use an actual desk if the product is a table lamp.

Do Real Projects to Grow Yourself

Training like this does not require much time off from you or your team members. Training in V-Ray for SketchUp is designed to help you in your daily work, fit with and support your current projects, whether you are designing buildings, visualizing your latest sets, or presenting Land and Visual Impact Applications.

You can continue to work on real world projects while you are studying. It allows you to grow your offering without interrupting your regular daily activities.

Proper Training

You will learn from the best in the business while getting training from a popular design academy when you have multiple award winning designers, architects, or artists on your team. Creating visualizations is what V-Ray developers do to market their software, so they are experts in the field.

This is the same process they all go through as artists when they visit this site. Providing you with multiple ways to ask questions, receive feedback, and track your progress while using this program is just as supportive, positive, and open as we can make it for you and your team.

CGI Output Improvement

Mastering tools like V-Ray for SketchUp will significantly improve your business processes or your personal skills, even if 3D design or CGI are not your main selling points.

With V-Ray certified artists, you can begin leveraging everything high quality CGI has to offer, from visualizing ideas more easily to maximizing the value of your deliverables.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: April Wilkerson

V-Ray for SketchUp helps you highlight the quality you already deliver by fine-tuning your existing skills, improving your conceptualization of projects, and enhancing your own creative vision for the future. It is all while seamlessly integrating with and even supporting the ongoing projects you are working on.

Wrapping it Up

The main value that 3D modeling companies provide is in their marketing strategies.

Marketers and product sellers face the most challenging task of explaining to potential customers how their products differ from their competitors' products. Despite their peculiarity, some products are easily understood by everyone who knows how they should function, what they should do, and why they are valuable.

As 3D artists, it is never too late to learn new techniques and streamline existing processes. You and your business can also benefit from better 3D output. This is especially true if you are improving these skills in a way that supports your existing workflow.

SketchUp Beginner's Guide to 3D Model Promotion & Training