All You Need To Know About Design Your Garden Using SketchUp

The SketchUp 3D modeling software combined with landscape design principles will give you the tools to create amazing gardens. If you are a gardener, a landscape architect, or enjoy gardening, then you can implement these principles into a 3D model to create professional designs.

Many different types of drawing applications utilize 3D modeling software, such as architecture, interior design, landscape design, mechanical engineering, video game development, and film and game design. SketchUp's simplicity makes it accessible to users of all ages. To be successful, you must want to learn and be willing to learn.

Details of the Course

1. Installing the software, setting up the 3D Workspace, and familiarizing yourself with the Basic Tools are the topics covered in the first section of Design your Garden using SketchUp.

2. As you move forward with Design your Garden using SketchUp, the next section is about building the Sample Site. In the following section, you will get to know the 3D Warehouse with its large virtual library that includes all kinds of 3D material that you can use in your SketchUp models as well as for the housing project.

3. SketchUp's third section focuses on Landscape Design Principles as applied to the backyard of a house. The purpose of this section is to teach you how to use Geo-Location Tool of SketchUp to give shape and distribution to your garden based on Sun Position and Shadows.

4. SketchUp is used to design your garden in the fourth section. This section covers how to create a Garden's Master plan or schematic design depending on the use and need of the space. There will be an in-depth discussion on designing and modeling the paths of the garden, how to place your plants, how to model a terrace, and where to place the swimming pool.

Student End Requirements

Student only need fast computer to attend this course.

Those who should take this course

Students who do not have any experience with graphic software, such as gardeners, landscapers, or garden enthusiasts, should take this course. You don't need any previous 3D design experience. You probably aren't going to get much out of this course if you're interested in learning how to make technical planting plans.


1. Video on-demand for 2 hours.
2. Lifetime access to the content.
3. You can access it on your mobile device and on your TV.
4. Completion certificate.


You will be able to create effective plans quickly and easily with SketchUp's tools. You can easily visualize your garden design through workshops and training.

Your basic SketchUp framework has served you well for many years. Three-dimensional computer modeling has largely replaced traditional sectional and elevation drawings.

During workshops, you demonstrate how to model gardens using SketchUp. You will also learn how to use the 3-D Warehouse, be creative with visualization and create animations to allow your clients to see the garden from different perspectives.


You can design your garden using SketchUp Garden Design as well as your landscaping. It's important to understand how some tools work and what options are available on the various menus when designing a garden.

It is also possible to use some online 3D modeling components if you are importing a garden from another source. A large collection of 3D components are available in online library of SketchUp is called 3D Warehouse.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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