Top Free SketchUp Plugin for Advanced Modelling

SketchUp became one of the world's most popular 3D modelling software products largely due to its intuitive toolbar, interdisciplinary applications (not just for architects), and the possibility of using a free, watermark-free version.

Designed to help beginners easily create 3D models, SketchUp is one of the easiest, fastest, and most popular 3D modelling programs. Its easy-to-use tools and intuitive interface make it ideal for beginners. Nevertheless, as work gets more complicated, these simple tools may prove to be a hindrance. Therefore, you should consider these tips for improving SketchUp skills. Then in these cases, there are SketchUp plugins and extensions to be taken into consideration. Different users make these plugins of the SketchUp program who noticed some inconveniences and shortcomings while using the default tools on SketchUp and descried to create a solution for it.

The use of such a plugin is crucial for achieving better and faster results. Plugins have to be added to the SketchUp app separately according to the user's needs. Some plugins are paid; generally, most of the plugins are free to use.

SketchUp offers a plethora of plugins that will help to facilitate amazingly complex forms and ingenious time-saving methods.

Plugins that will help with Advanced Modelling

Some plugins that can be used in SketchUp to help us work more efficiently and are free to use are listed below:

Memory Copyby Adam Billyard

This extension gives the ability to copy geometry and transforms such as the rotation and resizing of said geometry- the tool can 'remember' the users' last password and duplicate it.

Follow Me and Rotate by Wikii

This powerful plugin allows you to make detailed ropes, twines, and balusters using the traditional "Follow Me" tool in combination with a rotating action to result in twisting geometry.

Multiple Offsets by Sam D Mitch

This add-on offers us the ability to offset as many faces of an object at a single time. Which makes it possible to create complex, coffered forms like the sphere or circle?

JHS Power Bar

This SketchUp plugin has many functions built into it; this is a highly useful plugin that enables a user to create an array along a path. There are a series of components that can be quickly be placed in a predefined arrangement which is perfect for balustrades.

Section Cut Face

This is a free SketchUp extension that simply adds a face to the section plane by using this plugin. The face could be modified easily, the colour for presentation purposes can also be changed. It can also be used to set an automatic update as the user edits the model.

Camer Tools by Thom Thom

This free SketchUp plugin is useful; the plugin offers a series of new cameras for the animation of the users' project.

Curviloft byFredo6

This SketchUp plugin generates parameterized volumes when selected by a group of curves on a 3D model. Once it is created, it provides nine different probabilities, including the prospect to redefine its terminal thickness. It is a very practical tool used for designing furniture.

Purge All

In addition to removing all the unused components, layers, and materials from your model, this plugin also provides you with an optional report listing the removed items.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: architutors

Bezier Spline

The free SketchUp plugin offers more options when drawing lines, including polylines, Bezier curves, and spline curves. These baselines can be useful when creating unique shapes.

Top Free SketchUp Plugin for Advanced Modelling