Flex Tools for Responsive SketchUp Modeling

Flex Tools allows architects and 3D artists too quickly and easily create doors, windows, stairs, and other architectural features within SketchUp.

Features of Flex Tools

Fully Parametric

Changes can be made very quickly and easily since components are fully parametric. Flex Tools integrates well into the interactive design process.

Instant Elevations & Plans

A few clicks and it's ready for layout.


Scale components fit perfectly. They maintain the proper proportions and parameters.


It is possible to adjust every element of the components. This allows for quick exploration of new design possibilities.

Section Fills

SketchUp section fills are fully compatible with this plugin.

Wall Cutter

With dynamic openings that readjust automatically, instantly cut through multiple layers of walls. You can turn any SketchUp component into a wall-cutter.

Component Finder

It is possible to manage locally stored components. You can find and save them easily.

The Key Switches of Flex Tools

Open or Close

You can open or close multiple Flex Doors at the same time.

Component Options

The parameters of the dynamic component should be adjusted. Keep track of your private 3D objects and models, and find and save them in one place.


Dynamic components interact with each other.

Make Unique

Flex tools provide a component with its own identity. All components and subcomponents of a component must be unique.


Choose a new component and refresh it.


Delete hidden geometry that is deeply nested.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: FlexTools.cc


Maintain component instances and hierarchy while removing dynamic behaviors.

Download: FlexPack Pro


Inside-out flips of Flex Door.

Flex Tools for Responsive SketchUp Modeling