EYECAD VR ? The real-time rendering engine for Sketchup & Revit users

eyecad VR is the new real-time rendering engine that is compatible with an extensive range of software suite like Revit, ARCHICAD, Rhino, Cinema 4D, ALLPLAN, SketchUp Pro, Maya, Max, Blender, Mudbox, ACCA Edificius, and 3CAD Evolution.

It facilitates AEC professionals like architects to delve into and examine their designs with some exclusive features like dynamic environments, interactive lights, moving objects, the importing of HDRI images of the real world from project sites, and the inspection of materials and library objects. As soon as an environment is set, one click renders up to 4k resolution are created with a single mouse click and interactive exploration of the environment occurs with output to different VR options.

Eyecad VR Start

The basic version is known as Start and it has the capability to import your model, apply VR interactions, and function with objects and materials and the material editor itself. It is also possible to distribute your work with your clients to mobile and desktop.

Eyecad VR Advanced

The Advanced version includes lighting sources, the environment editor, photo-realistic rendering, and ultra quality options. There are more than 400 PBR (physically based render) materials accessible in eyecad VR. eyecad VR Pro

The Pro version comprises of the Landscape toolset that can be used to produce amazing landscapes. Besides, there are Videomaker and Worldmap features. By applying the robust terrain editor, make realistic natural environments along with water like as in rivers, ponds, lakes as well as with animated vegetation, hills and mountains and more.

The DEM (Digital Elevation Map) support in Pro facilitates the user to arrange their project in the real world. The WorldMap function sets in actual map-based context data and the height of all buildings can be easily decided. This tool is based on GIS technology. With the real world visible the user can then arrange their building into this environment. The Pro version offers some ground-breaking technology to create stunning video animations and several water simulations for renders.

Virtual Reality Apps for Mobile

There are also both Apple iOS and Google Android mobile apps called eyecad VR. These free apps can be utilized for viewing projects in virtual reality and in Cardboard.

To download the software, click on the following link www.eyecadvr.com

EYECAD VR ? The real-time rendering engine for Sketchup & Revit users