Enscape: Creating the New World with Real-Time Visualization

There are challenges ahead for visualization. But you can overcome them by utilizing tools and great minds. All partners in the architectural eco-system, such as clients, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, must continue to build knowledge, leverage tools, and be leaders in change if you want to address pressing issues such as climate change and urbanization. You can use real-time visualization to get there.

Visualization of Democratization

The term democratization is often overused, but visualization applications like Enscape enable everyone to explore projects, small or large, with ease.

A specialist is no longer necessary. Delegating the tasks to a third party for rendering work and waiting for the results to come in is no longer necessary.

The Enscape collaboration platform makes it possible for everyone to access the most current design, interact with it more naturally, and even create issues directly inside Enscape, making revisions more organized, integrated, and accountable. Therefore, visualization is now available to all employees, with an affordable cost and flattening of the learning curve.

Shaping a New World

Several tools are available to architects today that can help them combat climate change. Enscape's Lighting mode can perform preliminary lighting analyses. While real-time rendering tools such as Enscape cannot solve all these issues directly, but they can contribute towards depicting a narrative and educating through high-quality visualizations.

Real-time rendering and virtual reality can provide organizations and individuals with information about a mechanical room layout or proposed habitat on Mars, for example. It will improve communication, increase trust, and help any endeavor or movement succeed. Due to urbanization, there will be a need for more infrastructure and buildings. Design and construction professionals must collaborate, share their knowledge, and work together in challenging environments.

Client Demand

The client's dream is to build a new building so that they hire a design team to help them realize what their dream of investing in a new building will look like. This kind of drawing and document creation is a specialty of architects and engineers. The majority of clients lack the experience or aptitude to comprehend the design well enough to know what will happen at the end of the construction process.

Static 3D views and floor plans are often inadequate in describing the whole project. To explain the design verbally, the design team often has to explain it in meetings, phone calls, and even on the construction site. When a client's approval cannot obtain promptly, it can delay the development of the design, the completion of construction documents, and the implementation of the final documents.

Shortening the Feedback Loop

There is always room for improvement in the efficiency of an architect or engineer's practice. In many cases, completion of the design solution does not mean more money to the client but rather more time to develop a better project. The purpose of using such tools or workflows is to reduce time, effort or shorten the feedback loop with the client.

Real time rendering using Enscape in various Phases of Project

Pre- design

New clients can experience previous projects you've completed using real-time rendering without having to travel to the building.

Development of the Design

Real-time rendering is most valuable during the design development process. Clients have the option of viewing their projects in virtual reality or on-screen in addition to reviewing them with their internal design team.

An important part of the design process is making sure the client understands the proposed solution at this point. Seeing how clients and stakeholders respond to the new design is easier now.

Schematic Design

A team of designers is studying the massing, orientation, day lighting, and energy use metrics early on in the construction process. A client can comprehend the proposed design and make well-informed decisions better. The proposed design is accompanied by quality graphics generated by Enscape.

Construction Documents

It can be beneficial to monitor material and detail implementation in real-time during the formal documentation phase of the developed design. Real-time rendering makes it easy to detect and correct these changes early, prior to compromising functionality or design intent in the field.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Enscape 3D


As a result of competitive bidding and the contractor's means and methods of prevailing, some material and installation decisions are left to the construction phase. You can use real-time rendering to view final materials selections and layouts of furniture and fittings. The client explores the project at his own pace and visit areas that interest them or where they have questions. That can be highly effective in virtual reality.

Final Thoughts

Real-time visualization with Enscape is revolutionizing the AEC industry. It has never been possible to have a single source of truth in Building information model(BIM) and virtual reality available for every designer at once.

Enscape: Creating the New World with Real-Time Visualization
Image Source: blog.enscape3d.com