DE VRIES designs award-winning projects by using SketchUp

Sam De Vries, the landscape designer used Sketchup software to design award-winning projects. Sketchup is a 3D computer-aided software program used in the field of design, architecture and engineers. Sketchup has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use by everyone at their own pace.

According to Sam De Vries Sketchup not only helped him to complete his projects very easily but also helped him to communicate with probable clients by providing them proper explanations and presentations.

De Vries has won many awards. In his ventures, he has used Sketchup programming. As a designer, the Sketchup presentations has become a reality from the illustrations for both Sam De Vries and the owners.

His designs feature an elegant design that blends in perfectly with the environment and its surroundings while also offering a practical use of the project's space while providing a touch of uniqueness in the mix.

The commencement of various materials like many different zones brings superiority and enhances the sophistication and minimalistic approach of him managing his monumental design.

The proprietors expected to amplify their use of the surface space while furthermore creating a prominent view from the interior of the house this is where the introduction of a glass pool window is outlined into the design to provide a stunning outline illustration.

Sam made his Sketchup designs into a reality, he established De Vries Designs in 2018 named after himself. He established the company after working for one year at one of Perth’s major leading scene firms, Tim Davies Landscaping.

Sam’s practice comprises scene designs and he has a certain flair for pools and their landscaping. His portfolio illustrates a demonstration of his high-end work.

Sam has pursued a degree as a Bachelor of Design and has a major in Industrial Design at the Victoria University of Wellington, He is well experienced in the field of designing and landscaping and knows the industry like the back of his palm.

Sam makes his designs using Sketchup from the time he was in university and the program has become a part of his inventory ever since. The advantages of using Sketchup has helped Sam in his business with several aspects. Sketchup is a very user-friendly program that allows him to translate his ideas and concepts showcasing them to his clients.

Based on the designs he creates, his clients can see what's planned and Sam can demonstrate the designs both visually and practically.

Sam prefers Sketchup over AutoCAD and 2D because Sketchup can make 3D designs and for a client to see a design is more convenient and more effective.

Sketchup makes Sam have the ability to make adjustments on the go. Sam also uses the Sketchup designs as a part of his approval process, it proves to be convenient as he can show the authorities every part of his plan in 3D which is easier to understand.

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Sam carries his tablet everywhere and can show his Sketchup designs and renders to authorities, contractors and clients alike. The renders provide much more insight, understanding and depth to his thoughts and also allow a great depth of detail included.

For Sam, this also meant that what he designs is exactly what he builts. He shows clients his earlier projects and compares them to the Sketchup design photos of the finished project so the client can expect to see what’s on-screen in real life as well. For a client, this develops confidence and trust in Sam’s work.

Finally, Sketchup also helped him brush his personal skills and helped him become a better designer. It gave him the tool to push himself and test his abilities. It extended his creativity and gave him the way to explore his ideas more efficiently and practically.

DE VRIES designs award-winning projects by using SketchUp