Demonstration of 2d Tools Plugin

In this sketchup video tutorial, Justin Geis, briefly explains the utility of 2d tools plugin developed by TIG. This plugin can be used to model in 2d dimension easily.

The plugin includes the following toolset :-

2D freehand tool, 2D arc tool, 2D circle tool, 2D polygon tool, Facemaker tool, 2D hatching tool, 2D adjust tool, 2D line style, 2D text tool, 2D polyline edit tool

The plugin is mainly created to provide you a series of tools which have similarity to those available in other CAD packages to facilitate you drawing in two dimensions.

To set a Z plane, lock your height above ground for the tools utilized by you. It can also set your plane corresponding to an existing plane. As for instance Type +24 to set a new plane 24 inches above the plane that is already active or type -24 to set a plane 24 inches underneath the plane that is already active.

It can also be set to generate both lines and guide lines by clicking on the control key. Besides, one can generate lines as welded sets or separate lines by clicking on the alt key. You can set your z-plane within this tool by clicking on the tab key.

The plugin is free and can be downloaded from the following link

For online demonstration go through the following video.

Video Source: TheSketchUpEssentials

Demonstration of 2d Tools Plugin