Demo of TGI3D plugin for sketchup

This sketchup video demonstrates the application of TGI3D plugin for sketchup. Tgi3D SU plugins support SketchUp v7.1 or higher (along with SketchUp 2016). 64-bit SketchUp versions are supported with v1.32. Tgi3D SU Plugins are also compatible with Mac OS X systems equal and higher than Mac OS X 10.5.0.

TGI3D plugin for sketchup is available in three different versions Tgi3D SU Amorph Training Edition, Tgi3D SU Amorph 30 Day Trial and Tgi3D SU Photoscan 30 Day Trial.

TGI3D plugin for sketchup contains the following features :-

o Advanced plugins for SketchUp!
o Allows the users to generate precise 3D models without any difficulty, either with or without pictures.
o These SketchUp plugins are free-form 3D modeling softwares, which allow you to create organic 3D models.
o Easy yet robust calibration method!
o Superior quality photogrammetry!
o Smooth texturing!
o Quick and effective object warping!

Link for download

TGI3D plugin for sketchup