Using Condoc Tools to create Interior Elevations

ConDoc expands the abilities of stock SketchUp with a demonstrated framework for sorting out 3D models, tools to computerize dull undertakings, and the assets you have to make proficient drawings.

There are three adaptations of ConDoc, for example,

1. ConDoc 2D
2. ConDoc LT
3. ConDoc Pro

The center advantages to utilizing ConDoc Tools for making section views is both speed and precision; you can upgrade the 'Section Tool' for both development archives or structure parcels.

This will permit you to speak to your rises with 2D linework by choosing development archives or your rises will be rendered pictures on the off chance that you select structure parcels.

With each snap of the ConDoc Tools, you're now sparing a few stages that you would frequently need to make physically in SketchUp.

These incorporate modifying your layers, styles, and scenes to be situated effectively and spoken to in selected scenes that you can use to coordinate into your archives in LayOut.

Utilizing ConDoc Drawings will give a consistent combination to your 3D model in SketchUp. When you have your rises spoken to as you wish, essentially intuitive our custom scrapbooks in LayOut, relink the records to your model, and your viewports show up.

You would then be able to make cutting veils to conceal the remainder of your model, and rapidly comment on and measure your heights utilizing our scrapbooks.

Any progressions to your SketchUp model will refresh consequently in LayOut, so you're ensured the capacity to make your reports rapidly and unequivocally.

This sketchup extension is available in

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Brightman Designs

Using Condoc Tools to create Interior Elevations