Making a career in Architecture using SketchUp

An Architect is a person who is specialized in designing buildings and provides his advice for their construction. Architecture is a profession that is constantly evolving. From the use of traditional methods to using modern 2D and 3D software like AutoCAD and SketchUp, the tools for the work of an architect have made more opportunities for a person to pursue a career in architecture.

A career in architecture has immense scope. The introduction of programs like SketchUp has opened a career path for many people.

SketchUp is a 3D modelling software that is easy to use and has many users. It has a clean user interface and can be used for different projects such as 3D printing, interior designing, video game designing, architecture, and other stuff.

Using SketchUp for building your career

SketchUp can be used by anyone as either a hobby or even as a professional career. SketchUp is a quick and straightforward way to represent an architect's idea in 3D.

Models created by SketchUp are more accessible for an architect to explain his ideas to others as 3D models show every detail of a structure correctly. The concepts can be drawn on a Tablet and then be modelled in SketchUp to easily understand space.

The most vital point of SketchUp is the simplicity of the program. The essential tools from sketch line by line give freedom to design anything as per will. Although SketchUp is simple to use, it does not compromise and maintains the same quality as any other architectural software. If required, another feature is also present in SketchUp that will give the ability to link with other software. Different plugins and extensions can also be added to the program, making it very easy to make designs quickly and efficiently on the go.

SketchUp is a handy tool, but SketchUp is just a tool, and one must not depend on his entire career based on just one tool.

Most people using SketchUp in architecture use it to support some kind of design work; it is mainly used to design better buildings or other kinds of human-inhabited space.

A person can use SketchUp as a tool in his career; the program might make an architect's life easier and act as a partial problem solver.

Knowing the tools in one's trade (like SketchUp) will be a significant skill. It might make a person more valuable to a future employer, but just thinking of being an architect using SketchUp will not work correctly in the long run.

A person has to properly study architecture and get respective degrees (bachelor's and master's degree levels) in its field.

A person can still build somewhat of a career in Architecture using SketchUp as a freelancer. He can take freelancing jobs and use his skills and tools to complete the job according to the client's requirements.

To get started, the aspiring architect should apply for a business license, prepare a CV and portfolio and send it to interior design and architectural firms. He can also put up his work samples and submit his portfolio and CV on an online freelancing website.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Designer Hacks

Making a career in Architecture using SketchUp