BoolTools2 - SketchUp Extension Review

Another blockbuster SketchUp extension from MindSight Studios is here! BoolTools2, a professional plugin for Trimble SketchUp versions Make or Pro is an awesome tool that magics you to replace the Solid Tools in SketchUp entirely. You can make effortless solid operations in your model with just one or two clicks. This super-easy and perfect plugin comes at a cost affordable to most players.

Features of BoolTools2:

1. You can perform multiple solid operations easily like Union, Difference, Intersect, Trim, Split, and so many more!
2. Designed with 3D printing as a goal.

3. Can easily work with small, complex objects, like nuts and bolts!
4. Can handle nested solids effortlessly.
5. Unlike some other solid tools plugins, BoolTools2 does not create a new object. It only modifies the original one.
6. BoolTools2 does not change the Layer and the Names of the object it works on.
7. New feature: single-click Object Union tool - you can click a single group of objects to merge / union all the solids in it. Works with nested solids as well!
8. Almost all operations (except the obvious ones) produce 3D printable solids.

Some History: Around 20 months before SketchUp Pro 8 discharged the Solid Tools, (route back in Dec 2008!), the first BoolTools module for SketchUp was discharged.

This apparatus gave a reasonable method to play out some fundamental boolean activities and worked with both SketchUp Make (free) or Pro. All things considered, the Pro Solid Tools didn't exist yet, and nobody even realized that SketchUp was thinking about making this since a long time ago.

The first BoolTools module was in reality valuable and helped fill an important need in the SketchUp toolset for a long time (particularly for Make clients). In any case, it unquestionably had a few constraints, particularly when it came to managing littler complex articles.

Success of BoolTools2: Fruitful boolean activities rely upon high-accuracy 3D crossing points, something that the inner SketchUp geometry motor battles with on occasion. Indeed, even the Pro Solid Tools battles with this issue.

That is the reason such a large number of Solid Tools clients have embraced the duplicate and 'scale-up' work process to keep their Solid Tool activity from falling flat. The Pro Solid Tools has additionally had some other long-standing impediments that the MindSight Studios have enhanced with BoolTools.

This sketchup extension is available in mind.sight.studios BoolTools2

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: mind.sight.studios

BoolTools2 - SketchUp Extension Review