3skeng List Tool in SketchUp & its Workflow

SketchUp now has spreadsheet capabilities thanks to 3skeng List. Data-based views allow you to view and interact with SketchUp entities. Multi-editing, filtering, and sorting & Export your parts list, bill of materials, or report into Excel (.XLSX).


1. Utilize 3skeng List to Increase Efficiency

You can work most efficiently even with very large models with our powerful and interactive filtering, sorting, and editing features. As well as editing element properties, 3SKENG List allows for complex selections and large ones that might not otherwise be possible.

Sheets and 3D models are always in sync. Changing a property in 3skeng List like coordinates or names immediately affects SketchUp. Three-dimensional views highlight the sub-selections interactively.

2. Maintain a clean model with 3skeng List

Professionals can use 3skeng List to assist them in their daily work. The software includes a variety of features for maintaining the model or identifying and fixing errors.

It is possible to find duplicates, to transform groups into components, or to replace multiple components with another component of the selection. If you like precise coordinates, then you must round them. To get high-quality results, you need a clean model.

3. Metadata is exported by 3skeng List

You can export spreadsheet views to Excel file format, or you can copy plain text directly to the clipboard. When you use the character separator in the component name, you can add custom columns to the definition, instance, layer, and material names.

You can save your filter settings and column settings to reuse them in a customized list view when you make the same changes over and over again. The easy creation of reports can accomplish using Excel spreadsheets or Trimble Layout referencing exported Excel spreadsheets.

4. Edit & Rotate

Modifying the model using this tool is possible in all degrees of freedom possible. Because the tool is so fast, you can show real-time changes and suggestions during meetings without losing anyone's interest.

You can nearly follow your ideas with the tool by itself, as it is intuitive. The familiar SketchUp way of entering numeric values or magnetic points can be used.

Installs, mounts, and assembles 3skeng pipe, mounts, and channels.

5. Connectivity

This tool allows rearranging or copying of already constructed pipeline elements. Connect the magnetic points exactly aligned with the pipe center and direction using magnets.

6. Multi-Copy

You must press the Escape key to release the selected elements. The channel and pipe mounts work with 3skeng products.

7. Labeling

Groups and components can label with this tool. It has various adjustable parameters that allow it to be customized to suit the individual task at hand.

Labels align by determining their position and distance during the automatic alignment. You can make future changes in no time. It fits all 3skeng elements.

8. Client Support

Access to tools, libraries, standards, and settings is controlled through a control interface. By offering options for clients to choose from and providing detailed information if it is needed, you support the client workflow. The process of adding workflows, selecting libraries, adjusting settings, or watching tutorials can be accomplished unaffected by the process flow.

Wrapping it Up

There is a devoted following waiting to defend each tool, with success stories to match.

As you consider your needs as a whole, you will be able to select the tool that closely matches your exact requirements. You must check software separately.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SketchUp

3skeng List Tool in SketchUp & its Workflow