Learn all about 3skeng List Tool for SketchUp

Spreadsheet capabilities can be added to SketchUp using 3skeng List. The new extension allows one to interact and work with SketchUp entities in data-based views. It helps you to list, filter, sort and multi-edit. Simply create a bill of materials, a list of parts or a report and export it to Excel (.xlsx).

How to work more efficiently with 3skeng List?

The powerful and interactive filtering, sorting and editing features allows you to work even more efficiently in large models.

The 3skeng list tool not just helps you to edit element properties but also helps you make complex and large selections that cannot be made otherwise. The spreadsheet view is always in sync with the 3D model, therefore, any changes made within the 3skeng list will result in immediate changes in the SketchUp model and vice versa. In the 3D view sub selections are highlighted interactively

How 3skeng List helps you to keep your model clean?

The purpose of the 3skeng list was to help professional in their everyday work. The features it consists of made to help keep the model clean or to find and solve errors. Using this you can find duplicate entities, convert multiple groups to components or replace multiple components with another component of the selection. Round the coordinates to your preferred precision. Having a clean model is an important aspect for high quality results.

How 3skeng List exports your meta data?

All the spreadsheet views can be exported and formatted to Excel (.xlsx), or even copied as plain text directly to the clipboard. By using definition, instance, layer and material names you can custom the data column with your components (use the character ?^? as separator in the names).

In your customize list view save your filter and column settings so as to reuse them for repeating work. By referencing exported spreadsheets in prepared Excel templates or in Trimble layout you can get a smooth workflow and a more reliable report generation.

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Work more efficiently with 3skeng List

Learn all about 3skeng List Tool for SketchUp
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