3D Modeler in SketchUp: Top 5 Best Sites for Free 3D Textures

3D textures are probably familiar to you if you're an experienced 3D modeler. Three-dimensional textures aren't really three dimensional at all! However, instead of giving the appearance of texture for 3D objects, they are 2-dimensional images.

Bitmap images are usually used for 3D textures, since they allow the model to be projected in three dimensions. Different 3D textures can be found online from both community makers and companies, just like 3D models. First, let's go over the importance of 3D textures and the factors you should consider before we dig into the options.

SketchUp Texture

Despite offering a lot of free textures through SketchUp Texture, this site isn't affiliated with the SketchUp design software. A total of forty Six of them are PBR textures. The majority of free downloads are without texture maps.

Registering for an account is the first step to downloading textures, and after that there are only fifteen textures available to download unless you pay for more. Besides the search bar, SketchUp Texture has many categories, including Materials and Architecture, and sub-categories to further classify each texture.

Top 5 Sites for 3D Textures

Poly Haven

Poly Haven is another top-quality library for SketchUp designers and architects. It was co-founded by designer Rob Tuytel. All of its textures can be used for personal and commercial use. Although there are fewer textures than in the previous version, they're all available in 8K and 16-bit resolution in PNG format to download. For more control, you can also download the textures' AO, Diffuse, Displacement, Normal, and Roughness maps. Additionally, the site has HDRI and model libraries.


The collection of free textures from 3DXO stands out for its easy navigation and impressive collection of 620 free textures. Whether it's a simple wall or floor surface or something a little more exotic, there's no problem sifting through the collection quickly and easily. While you're there, browse the site's small library of 3D models and stock photos.

3D Total

3D Total offers training, inspiration galleries, 3D assets, and a free texture library, making it a valuable resource for CG artists. A total of 16,631 free high-res royalty-free images are available on the site. You can browse the images by category or use the site's search feature.


Despite the name, nothing on Textures.com is free, and every download costs credits. You can download some texture maps for free with the free subscription, which gives you 15 credits per day. Getting higher-resolution maps and compiled materials, however, is more expensive.

After you register for an account, you will be able to download a wide variety of textures, from animals to X-rays. Alternatively, you can view the site's latest additions or browse by texture type.

In terms of the other components of the website, Textures.com has a great user interface, but a lack of search features. Additionally, although Textures.com has categories for organizing their digital assets and a search bar, no filter options are available. You can download PBR texture maps in various formats, including TIF, which is another file format that can be downloaded.

To learn more, watch the following video tutorial.

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With over 1,300 seamless PBR materials in JPG or PNG format, Ambient-CG by German artist Lennart Demes is not only one of the biggest texture libraries online, but also one of the best. Almost all of the textures on this site can be downloaded in 8K.

All of them can be distributed and used for any project under the CC0 Creative Commons license. SBSAR files are included in many materials so users can tweak them in Adobe Substance 3D.

3D Modeler in SketchUp: Top 5 Best Sites for Free 3D Textures