3skeng 2019 Mount 3D: SketchUp Extension Review

SHK, an engineering and consulting firm working for the high-tech Semiconductor industry has been developing extensions for SketchUp for a while now. Their engineering and software team work hand in hand to develop powerful extensions for professionals using SketchUp for designing engineering plans, named under ?3skeng?.

The latest from the 3skeng group is the 3skeng Mount. It is a plugin for SketchUp 2017 and above, helping users design and document MEP and 3D support and secondary framework including ducts and pipes. It is actually a part of the 3skeng Engineering package which also contains 3skeng Pipe, 3skeng Steelwork and 3skeng Channel.

Features: 3skeng Mount is your go-to tool for drawing secondary and support steelwork models. This may or may not include proper fittings, supports, and so much more. The libraries available will let you choose from different channel types, while a memory function comes invaluable in doing repetitive work.

One of the best options available in this extension is called the ?Mount Tool?. It will recognize 3skeng pipe elements by a presection method, in which you can input your choice of pipes and duct definitions. Moreover, it can automatically align rotations, positions and elevations. You can do this just by a double click - how cool is that?

The Mount Tool does more than that. It will pick up 3skeng Steelwork elements to attach supports to them. You can direct it to attach the supports to top of the beam flanges and clamps, or to the side of the flanges.

The introductory package of 3skeng Mount comes with libraries to handle threaded rods and pipe/duct supports. It also has libraries to support C-channels and the proper fittings for that.

3skeng Edit & Rotate: Rearranging and altering your channels, pipes and ducts and their supports is a breeze now. The intuitive tool follows what is naturally done in a given scenario. It can follow attachment points or you can guide it using numeric values, as you choose.

3skeng Connect: This tool lets users add multi-text and labels to groups and components. Various adjustable parameters allow local adaptations to the given labeling job at hand. During the automated alignment you can find the position and size of the labels.

3skeng List: This will let you select parts of your model or the entire model and generate a list with detailed part information. You can easily copy-paste the list content to your own calculation sheets in external applications.

3skeng Client: Use your 3skeng client to purchase, install and manage 3skeng Tools and libraries.

Technical Information about 3skeng Mount:
Latest version: 2019.3.047.009
Released on: 5th December 2019
Compatibility: Trimble SketchUp 2017, 2018, 2019. The latest SketchUp is not tested.
Can work in windows as well as Mac. Available in English only for now.

This sketchup extension is available in extension warehouse extensions.sketchup.com

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: 3skeng for SketchUp

3skeng 2019 Mount 3D:  SketchUp Extension Review