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Minecraft - Customize your world with SketchUp, the newest sketchup book by Jean-Luc Clauss

Jean-Luc Clauss, the renowned SketchUp trainer, architect and author, has published an exclusive sketchup book alias “Minecraft - Customize your world with SketchUp”. In this book, the author briefly discusses how Minecraft and skethup are co-related with each other.


Minecraft is a sandbox video game that can be used to develop constructions from textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world.


With SketchUp, the Minecraft users can obtain some added functionalities like design, 3D printing of goodies, imaging infographics, etc.

The book starts with highlighting the resemblances amid Minecraft and SketchUp. Later on learn how to draw in SketchUp drawing graphics Minecraft. After that, familiar with some useful tricks to transform your Minecraft goodies realistic which are generated in SketchUp. These may range from various modes of rendering and animation methods devoted to 3D printing. At the end learn how to export any SketchUp model to Minecraft to integrate it with the 3d world.


The book discovers new scopes for design and making. The book is ideal for the users of SketchUp and Minecraft as well as teachers to simplify the 3D modeling process through play.

Contents of the book:


• Minecraft and Sketchup: a story!
• SketchUp: draw like in Minecraft
• And your Minecraft models come alive!
• Print your Minecraft 3D models
• Export Sketchup models to Minecraft
• Conclusion: your turn!


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Minecraft - Customize your world with SketchUp


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