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Shellify version 1.5 for Sketchup

Caul has developed Shellify for sketchup. This sketchup plugin is compatible with sketchup 8. It is considered as a cleaning tool that can be applied after intersections etc.

Shellify pull outs the shell of an object appearing to be almost solid. Initially it eliminates all geometry which cannot be accessed from the outer surface. Secondly, It passes through the inside and takes out all exterior geometry, flaps and stray edges which cannot be accessed from inside. This can transform a near solid into a solid or at least nearer to a solid.

Orientations of faces are amended and coplanar faces are merged. No geometry is included. The result is provided in a separate group.

Shellify is compared as a supplement to the solid tools. While merging two (or more) solids into a solid, the groups can be cut, solid parts not to be comprised in the final result are broken through the eraser tool, and then Shellify will eliminate the rest of the external and internal geometry.

Shellify also consists of a cut function that randomly cuts many groups and combines them into one. The cut script is very intuitive and often performs when Sketchup's indigenous intersect is not possible.

Usage: The script can be accessed from the plugin menu. There are two options which executes the following operations-

  • (Shellify) - If a single groups is selected, the group is shellyfied.
  • (Shellify) if many groups (>1) are selected at random, the groups are first cut and the result is then shellyfied.
  • (Cut) Cuts all selected groups.

Downloadable link

Shellify version 1.5 for Sketchup

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