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DesignPH is a an useful free Plugin compatible with Sketchup

The Passive House Institute has developed the new designPH plugin which is free and compatible with sketchup. The plugin can be applied to the make the process easy for penetrating the building geometry into PHPP. With this plugin the sketchup users can get preliminary view on the performance of the design inside SketchUp.

How it works:-

  • Provide your project into the virtual space and generate your SketchUP 3D model or apply with insignificant existing adaptations.
  • Select the location of your project directly through a database in designPH.
  • Provide your project into the right direction by considering and verifying your specifications.
  • Ensure your project on PH suitability and export to PHPP with some easy steps

DesignPH contains the following exclusive features - Summary of features:

  • Perform with a new or obtainable SketchUp model.
  • Automatically detect temperature zones, element types and area groups.
  • Schedules of areas, windows / doors and TFA components and identification of external shading objects.
  • Create rendering of heat-loss areas to specify their area group or status.
  • Through PPP file format, export geometry and shading data to PHPP involving conversion of elements to significant dimensions and quantities to be maneuvered in PHPP
  • Contains tools to place in and edit window & door components, having user-defined properties or from standard libraries
  • Simple energy balance within the tool and let the users know high-levels of glazing result in overheating

Order online to access the new designPH with PHPP 8.

More information can be found on:

DesignPH is a an useful free Plugin compatible with Sketchup

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