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Google just launched a new updated version of it's most intuitive 3D modeling software, Sketchup 8. The new version contains some new improvements with powerful features and applications suitable for design, engineering professionals, Google Earth modelers, graphics professionals, amateur and professional 3D artists.

The software is available in five different languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian or German.

The professional version comes with a new set of Solid addition and subtraction tools for advanced users that will facilitate engineering professionals to execute modeling operations like Union, Intersect, Subtract, Trim, and Split to generate new 3D forms along with multiple geometric shapes.

Google SketchUp 8 Google SketchUp Pro 8
Google SketchUp 8 Google SketchUp Pro 8
Google SketchUp 3D Model Google SketchUp 8 Model
Google SketchUp 3D Model Google SketchUp 8 Model

The Pro version also contains a companion tool for executing angular dimensions in LayOut 3 and transfering 3D models into scalable 2D drafting presentations . Now the user can export and import LayOut 3 drawins to DWG/DXF formats.

Now Google Maps built right into the software to integrate model geo-location with Google Maps.

Download SketchUp 8 and create, modify and share 3D models for free.
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Download SketchUp 8
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